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Monday, January 24, 2022

Mark Steyn Says Presidential Debate Was ‘Locked Down In Boredom’

September 30, 2020 11:09 PM ET Conservative pundit and author Mark Steyn said Wednesday that the first presidential debate was over-formatted, too focused on peripheral issues and was “locked down in boredom.” “They always want to over-format it,” Steyn told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Traditionally these debates … will have 90 second opening statements…

FACT CHECK: During The 1st Presidential Debate, Did Joe Biden Say, ‘If You’re Going...

A post shared on Facebook Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during the first presidential debate: “If you’re going to vote, vote early and vote often.” Verdict: False A review of the debate transcripts shows Biden did not make the comment during the debate. Fact Check: Author Lance Wallnau originally shared the alleged Biden quote…

‘That Was Horrific’: Here’s How The Press Reacted To The First Presidential Debate

Many reporters suggested that the first presidential debate Tuesday, hosted by Chris Wallace, was a huge mess. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sparred Tuesday, discussing COVID-19, unrest across America and more. Wallace repeatedly attempted to reel in the conversation as the two continuously took digs at each other. Following the debate,…

The Debate Was So Wild, CNN’s Dana Bash Called It A ‘Sh*t Show’ Live...

CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash called the first round of presidential debates a “sh*t show” live on air Tuesday night after President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden spent more than an hour sparring on healthcare, the Supreme Court, race-related issues and the economy. “I’m just gonna say it like it is, that…

Joe Biden Blames Trump For Portland Riots, Admits He Hasn’t Called Portland Mayor Or...

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden blamed President Donald Trump for ongoing rioting in Portland, Oregon, while admitting that he has not called on leadership in the area to help the situation. Trump and Biden spoke during the first presidential debate Tuesday about COVID-19, protests and rioting across America and more. Moderator Chris Wallace noted that…

‘Sh*t Show’: Fox News’ Chris Wallace Completely Loses Control Of Trump, Biden In First...

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden faced off in a Tuesday debate riddled with constant interruptions and shouting matches in Cleveland, Ohio. Fox News’ Chris Wallace wrenched the candidates through topics from coronavirus and their political records to the Supreme Court and the integrity of the upcoming election, but the discussion often descended…

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