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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Schools Are Treating Students for Separation Anxiety from Their Phones

According to a recent report, K-12 schools around the country are having to treat students for separation anxiety after implementing policies that require students to hand over their smartphones. One school’s solution was to buy locking pouches for smartphones, which students were invited to decorate. The Wall Street Journal reports that schools across the United States are…

Professors at Catholic University Outraged over Screening of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’

Dozens of professors at King’s University College in Ontario, Canada, are outraged over the screening of the pro-life film, Unplanned. The professors believe the screening of the pro-life film will hinder the Catholic school’s efforts to recruit “excellent” students. The school’s principal responded by stating that while professors “do not need to prescribe to the tenets…

Stanford PhD Student: ‘Star Wars’ Music Is Racist

In a recent column for the Washington Post, Stanford Ph.D. student Jeffrey Chen made the case that the Star Wars franchise “reinforces our prejudices” through its soundtrack. Stanford doctoral student Jeffrey Chen published a column in the Washington Post to make the case that the Star Wars film franchise is racist. “[I]f we take a moment to think about…

FIRE: Long Island University Post Requires Students to Have ‘Respect for Authority’

Long Island University Post (LIU Post) has fallen under scrutiny by free speech advocates for a school policy that apparently requires its students to have “respect for authority.” One LIU Post student had found himself under investigation by school officials for alleged possession and distribution of flyers deemed to be disrespectful. The Foundation for Individual…

U. of Missouri to Settle Lawsuit by Giving Hillsdale College $4.7 Million

The University of Missouri announced this week that it will give conservative Hillsdale College a $4.7 million grant to honor the wishes of a libertarian donor. University alumnus Sherlock Hibbs donated a multi-million dollar sum to the University of Missouri in 2002 for the purpose of establishing a department dedicated to Austrian economics. Mizzou’s failure…

Chico State Professor: College Republicans’ First Amendment Rights ‘Intensely Hurtful’ to Students

A professor at Chico State (CSU, Chico) referred to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party as “poison,” and suggested that she and other professors use the “immense privilege” they have as “tenured faculty” to protect students who are offended by their classmates exercising their First Amendment rights. The instructor told Breitbart News that the First…

NYU Shanghai Adds Pro-Communist Class at Chinese Government’s Request

New York University-Shanghai has introduced a pro-communist “civil education” course at the request of the Chinese government. As part of the class students will take trips to visit memorials for those that died defending China’s communist party. According to a report by Campus Reform, New York University Shanghai has introduced a pro-communist course that sympathizes…

Cornell Teaching Assistant: Conservatives Support Child Molestation

A teaching assistant at Cornell University accused right-wingers of supporting the sexual abuse of children. The accusation was made in the context of a larger criticism of a decision to host former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) on campus. According to a report by Campus Reform, a Cornell University teaching assistant is not happy that…

Notre Dame Students Call for the Removal of White Authors from Curriculum

Student activists at the University of Notre Dame are calling for the removal of white authors from the university curriculum to “decolonize” the university. According to the students, “diversifying the canon helps eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.” According to a report by The College Fix, a student activist group at the University…

UMass Boston Guest Speaker: Students Are ‘Genocide Beneficiaries’

A guest speaker at a recent event at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, told students they are “genocide beneficiaries” due to his view of American settlers’ treatment of Native Americans. According to a report by The College Fix, a recent panel event at UMass Boston on Native American issues took a sharp turn last week…
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