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Thursday, February 27, 2020

WATCH: Boys Form Singing Group on Streets of Madagascar’s Capital City

A group of eight young boys in Antananarivo, Madagascar, are touching hearts all over the world by singing songs together. In 2018, Virginia Summers and her husband, John Miller, who works at the U.S. Embassy, heard a teenager making music as they drove through the streets of Madagascar’s capital city, according to CBS News. “The first…

Boko Haram Jihadis Kill Seven in Nigeria on Christmas Eve

Islamist terror group Boko Haram, an affiliate of the Islamic State, attacked a largely Christian village new Chibok in northeastern Nigeria on Christmas Eve and killed seven people. A teenage girl was also reportedly abducted from the village. AFP quoted locals who said the jihadis emerged from Sambisa Forest, an area covering over 20,000 square…

As France Gripped by Strikes and Protests, Macron Pledges More War in Africa

(AFP) — French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Ivory Coast on Friday to celebrate Christmas with French troops, saying Paris would work to give “new force” to the regional fight against Islamist militants. The jihadist insurgency in several poor Sahel nations will be a top item on Macron’s agenda in 48-hour stay in the region…

Lawsuit: Apple, Google, Tesla Profit from African Child Labor

A slew of high-tech companies including Apple, Google, and Tesla are being sued by a group of Congolese families whose children allegedly died or were severely injured while mining cobalt that is used to produce lithium-ion batteries found in smartphones and electric cars. The human rights organization International Rights Advocates filed the suit Sunday in…

The Secret War in Africa (Part 2)

Submitted by Steve Brown… The Secret War in Africa (part 1) covered the overall strategic predominance of US military/ NATO bases – some secret – in Africa, and the expansion by private military contractors (PMC) there in aid of corporate and national interests according to the major powers. In Part 2 we examine the geopolitical…

The Secret War in Africa

Submitted by Steve Brown… The Warsaw Pact may no longer exist, but by contrast the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is expanding its perceived role – the enforcement of western interest – especially in resource-rich Africa.  NATO’s expansion in Africa is intended to assert western corporate influence, where Macron’s France apparently wishes to usurp Germany as…

Piracy Thrives in West African Waters

Reginal efforts failing to curb world’s biggest piracy problem Pirates are thriving off of the coast of West Africa, despite what is supposed to be a concerted effort to prevent them. And with business starting to boom in areas like Togo, dealing with the threat has become more important than ever.The coastline’s failure to coordinate…

Russia-Zimbabwe Relations

Submitted by Serban V.C. Enache… Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, visited Moscow in January to secure close economic cooperation with Russia and seek aid. Zimbabwe is currently facing runaway inflation, a shortage of foreign exchange balances, fuel stocks, food, and pharmaceuticals. Mnangawa declared 2019 as the year of “rebuilding,” wants Zimbabwe to catch pace…

Russia and the African Lions

Submitted by Serban V.C. Enache… Hosting representatives of all 54 African nations, including 43 heads of state or government, at Sochi, the Russian Federation has not only signaled its return to Africa [since the implosion of the USSR], but its commitment to a heterodox financial model to boot. The gold bugs will be disappointed, for…

Russia-Africa ‘Shared Vision 2030’: Alternative to Neo-Colonial Pillage

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation: A long night of suffering has kept one of the richest continents on the globe in a state of virtual dark age for over a century. Although the age of science has given humanity the means to access the highest standards of living in world history,…
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