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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tech Guru: Amazon and Google Will Replace Your Doctor

Adam Berry/Getty Images In a recent interview, tech guru Peter Diamandis made the case for the big tech Masters of the Universe becoming America’s healthcare providers. Diamandis believes that if companies like Google and Amazon can gather even more information about every detail of your life, they will be better able to manage your health…

Injured Amazon Workers Protest Dangerous Conditions

Injured Amazon workers and labor organizers have begun protesting the dangerous work speeds and high injury rates of the company’s warehouses. Motherboard reports that injured former Amazon warehouse workers and labor organizers are protesting the dangerous work speeds and high injury rates at Amazon’s automated warehouses at the company’s brick-and-mortar stores in downtown Chicago. The protests…

Jeff Bezos: Big Tech Bosses Need ‘to Say No’ to Activist Employees

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos criticized employee activists recently, stating that Silicon Valley tech firms should be free to do business with the U.S. Military. According to Bezos, it is up to senior management to tell employees “no” when they become activists against their own employers and their government contracts. Bezos added, “My view is if big…

31 Groups Call on FTC to Investigate ‘Kidtech’ Companies Gathering Data of Children

31 advocacy groups are pressuring the FTC this week to investigate how so-called “kidtech” and digital media companies advertise to children and collect their data. Axios reports that 31 advocacy groups have requested that the FTC use its subpoena powers to launch a probe into “kidtech” companies that advertise to children and collect their data.…

Report: Amazon Cloud Computing Business Faces Antitrust Scrutiny

Amazon’s massive cloud computing business is reportedly being scrutinized by U.S. antitrust enforcers, according to individuals familiar with the situation. Bloomberg reports that U.S. antitrust enforcers are heavily scrutinizing Amazon’s cloud computing business, according to individuals familiar with the situation. FTC investigators have reportedly begun questioning software companies about the practices of Amazon’s cloud division, Amazon…

Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s Claim He Financed Amazon Fires

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has pushed back against claims made by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that the Hollywood star’s donations to environmental groups have contributed to the recent forest fires inflicting the Amazon rainforest. Last week, Bolsonaro accused the World Wildlife Fund (to which DiCaprio is a major donor) of paying volunteer firefighters…

WILFORD: There’s Nothing Wrong With Amazon’s ‘Zero-Tax’ Bill

November 21, 2019 5:00 PM ET Yet again, Amazon is back in the news for its tax bill. Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders this week amplified the claim about Amazon’s tax bill, despite no new tax data actually emerging. The implication is that Amazon is using swampy connections and special carve-outs to get away with…

Amazon, Google, Apple Assistants Can Be Hijacked with $14 Laser Pointer

A recent report alleges that digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant can be hijacked with cheap laser pointers. Business Insider reports that a team of researchers from Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications and the University of Michigan claim to have discovered a way to “hijack” voice-enabled devices by shining a laser at…

Nearly 500 Musicians Boycotting Amazon-Sponsored Events Over ICE Contracts

Almost 500 artists – most of them relatively unknown – have signed an open letter stating that they will boycott concerts, namely the Intersect Music Festival sponsored by Amazon Web Services, until Amazon relinquishes its contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The artists include Deerhoof, Ted…

Jeff Bezos Gives Washington Post’s Top Editor A Bike For His Birthday

October 23, 2019 5:52 PM ET Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stopped by The Washington Post’s newsroom Wednesday to personally deliver a bike to the paper’s top editor for his birthday. Post employees tweeted pictures of Bezos gifting the bike to executive editor Martin Baron in front of the entire newsroom. Bezos has owned the Post…
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