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Saturday, December 4, 2021

American LOSERS attempt pathetic DEMANDS of Taliban [Video]

WARNING: Some images here are not suitable for children. Don’t let them look at this if you love them. Let them grow up first. Seriously. Picture this: You get in a fight with another kid on the playground. Your opponent beats you up completely. You are lying on the ground, bleeding from your nose and…

So saith Twitter: Taliban – Yes, Trump – NO? [Video]

When the Taliban announced their arrival in the Afghan Presidential offices via Twitter this post, I honestly missed the significance of the moment, and was humourously dismissive of it: Ali Hashem علي هاشم on Twitter: “مقاتلون من طالبان خلف طاولة مكتب الرئيس الافغاني الهارب اشرف غني. حركة طالبان تعود إلى كابل لتحكم افغانستان للمرة الثانية…

John Varoli: COVID-19 and Me, 18 Months Together. A Letter.

Meet John Varoli. He writes on Medium (or rather, he was writing on Medium until today.) He describes his work in this way: “Thanks for the interest in my article, which was originally published on my Medium account that I’ve had for over a year and which previously solely dealt with topics related to both American and Russian history. Given…

Kabul “new Saigon” in latest US foreign policy FAILURE [Video]

Tucker Carlson delivered a scathing and brutally honest assessment of the amazing repeat of the Vietnam loss in 1975, as Taliban forces now were poised to move into the Kabul. He was absolutely correct, as we are now seeing. At the time of this writing, these were the latest updates: U.S. embassy lowers flag as…

Half Of America Believes Vaccine Mandates, COVID Passports More Important Than “Protecting Freedom”, New...

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,A Fox News poll contends that a majority of Americans are in SUPPORT of vaccine mandates and the introduction of COVID passports that tie freedoms to vaccination status.The survey found that 50 percent of respondents are in favour of requiring proof of a coronavirus vaccine for “indoor activities such as restaurants,…

Obama “sophisticated” B’day okay, but Sturgis people are knuckledraggers [Video]

No doubt you have heard something at least about former President Barack Obama throwing a big bash for his own 60th birthday. The guest list was advertised last week as being about 700 of the “president’s friends” and then after the optics of this announcement were an utter PR fail, the “new” guest list was…

Biden Administration Discussing Plan To Require Full Vaccination For Foreign Visitors

August 04, 2021 6:23 PM ET President Joe Biden’s administration is working on a plan that would require most foreign visitors to be fully vaccinated before entering the country, according to a White House official. The plan is part of an effort to lift travel restrictions currently imposed on various countries because of the coronavirus,…

Poll: American Optimism of Country’s Direction Falls Nearly 20 Points

PETER KLAUNZER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Months into Joe Bidens’ presidency, Americans’ optimism regarding the direction of the country has dropped nearly 20 points, a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found. ABC News reported on Sunday: A majority — 55% — of the public say they are pessimistic about the direction of the country, a marked change from…

Vatican representative in Syria: The economic war is suffocating the Syrian people.

The “Apostolic Nuncio in Syria,” the representative of the Vatican State, Mario Zenari, spoke about the living crises that the Syrians suffer from as a result of the illegal sanctions imposed on their country by the United States of America and European countries, saying: “The economic war is suffocating the Syrian people.” Zenari added: “The…

Hate For America Has Never Been Higher With Some Of The Most Powerful People

Legacy media and elected officials displayed their hatred Sunday for America on the Fourth of July. A slew of articles slamming the Fourth of July and various aspects of American culture and heritage were published during the holiday and the days leading up to it. The Washington Post published an opinion article claiming that the…
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