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Friday, March 5, 2021

Joe Biden: ‘America Was an Idea’

“America was an idea.” Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted that statement Wednesday evening, describing the country he wishes to lead — in the past tense. The full text of the tweet reads: “America was an idea. We’ve never lived up to it but we’ve never walked away from it before.” America was an idea.…

Treason In America: An Overview Of The FBI, CIA, And Matters Of “National Security”

Authored by Cynthia Chung via The Strategic Culture Foundation, “Treason doth never prosper; what is the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” – Sir John Harrington. As Shakespeare would state in his play Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” like a fish that rots from head to tail, so do…

America Is Divided Over Class Not Race In 2020

Authored by Charlie Kirk via HumanEvents.com, It's 'Skype-Zoom' v. 'Muscular' in today's 2020 political cage match... We all know about the voice within the choir that stands out from the others with a distinct and superior sound. Such is the voice of Professor Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) when he decides to make himself heard among the monotone…

The Plot Against America?

Authored by Frank Furedi via The Gatestone Institute, From Europe, the culture war raging in the United States is disturbing. In the presidential election, it seems that radical anti-American forces are questioning the very foundation on which Western civilisation was built.  The New York Times seems too similar to the propaganda we were fed by the…

Is America Zinnished?

Authored by John Quincy Adams via The Strategic Culture Foundation, About twenty years ago The Atlantic published a piece by Jeffrey Tayler named “Russia is finished” subtitled “The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance.” Not a very successful prediction was it? But what he did was fashionable at…

“Kind Of Like QVC” – Mall Of America Embraces Live Real-Time Shopping

Since the virus pandemic began, consumers have stayed away from shopping malls, including Mall of America (MoA), the largest shopping mall in the US, with more than 500 stores, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Already, MoA's owner, Triple Five, has missed mortgage payments this year. There is a push among MoA's marketing department to revive the dying mall via a new "live stream shopping"…

Masked madness makes more messes in our lives

The United States is not alone in the insanity concerning the efficacy of masks against COVID-19 infection. Here in Moscow, Russia, the pattern has been in place that about every two or three weeks, businesses insist that their patrons wear a mask when entering the store. This applies to grocery stores and shopping center stores…

Chilling commentary from Tucker Carlson that we should all listen to [Video]

Let us demonstrate some insanity: What would you say if I told you that the CDC is uncertain that masks provide any protection at all from the coronavirus? Does that sound crazy to you? We finally see President Trump wearing a mask here and there, and his opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like…

Bald Eagle Rips Off Drone’s Propellers And Sends Flying Vehicle Into Lake, State Agency...

August 13, 2020 9:09 PM ET A bald eagle ripped off a drone’s propellers and sent the flying vehicle crashing into Lake Michigan, a state agency announced Thursday. According to a release Thursday from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), the Upper Peninsula bald eagle attacked the drone July 21 while…

Make America Constitutional Again?

Authored by James Bovard via The American Institute for Economic Research, The American political system may be on the eve of its worst legitimacy crisis since the Civil War. Early warning signals indicate that many states could suffer catastrophic failures in counting votes in November. The election will occur amidst the vast economic devastation inflicted…
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