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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

American West Dominates Ranking Of Cities That Saw Fastest Growth Over Last Decade

The lengthy economic recovery that followed the great recession will be remembered for, among other things, the torrid gains seen in real-estate markets from NYC, to Boston to the Bay Area, and beyond. A recent survey from Construction Coverage found that home prices in some cities have skyrocketed over the ten year period, while prices…

Iran: “American Soil Is Now Within Range Of Iranian Bombs”

Authored by Majid Rafizadeh via The Gatestone Institute, Those who advocate pursuing a policy of appeasement toward the ruling mullahs as a means of changing the Iranian regime's behavior fail to understand that the more the international community will give the mullahs, the more Tehran will become belligerent and emboldened. One day after the United Nations Security…

American Collusion: Weaponizing Media, Big-Tech, & Government

Authored by James Grundvig via WND.com, The planners quickly deployed the "insurance policy" after Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in 2016. Like an annuity, the payments to the policyholders would be small and steady at first, then lead, they hoped, to a much bigger payoff: the removal of President Trump from office. At…

From the Inside: Observations about America in our times [Video]

This piece comprises the thoughts of a friend in America about our nation’s current situation. In his observations, he offers some positive fallout that he believes will come from all the present madness. We offer his text with only minor edits for clarity and emphasis on content. We also have attached a video from a…

What does Black Lives Matter REALLY stand for?

For those who may be equivocating about Black Lives Matter and the Antifa riots and demonstrations, a very interesting point came to out attention today. Someone went and actually looked and read the BLM website to find out what they themselves say they are all about. My priest was told about this, and he told me,…
american-cities-becoming ‘a-big-toilet’-for lack-of-public-restrooms-amid-covid-19

American Cities Becoming ‘A Big Toilet’ For Lack Of Public Restrooms Amid COVID-19

Over the past months of COVID-19 lockdowns across nearly all states, and as many counties and cities observed and enforced strict social distancing policies, America has seen a rise in public urination.  The reality is that whether walking in downtown urban spaces, or on long distance travel, people are facing a dilemma of either encountering no…

Locked-Down: An American Caught In China During The COVID-19-Crisis Speaks Out

Authored by Evan Villarrubia via Kunstler.com, “I feel stupid! And contagious!” — Nirvana The panic and lockdown state we are just exiting in Dali (southwestern China) has been by far the most intense historical episode I’ve ever experienced. I’ve gone through several deep emotional phase changes throughout this time. If I’d written this email a…

Half Of Young American Democrats Believe Billionaires Do More Harm Than Good

With income inequality the political hot potato du-jour and wealth concentration at its most extreme since the roaring twenties, is it any wonder that even Americans' view of what used to be called 'success' is now tainted with the ugly taste of partisan 'not-fair'-ism. Income inequality is roaring... Wealth concentration is extreme to say the…

Make American Steel Great Again Backfires In Trump Lawsuit

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, JSW Steel had nothing but praise for Trump's steel tariffs. Now the company has filed a lawsuit against the Trump admin. Make American Steel Great Again Backfires Gosh, I want to say "I told You So". So I will. I Told You So! Trump's Tariffs Backfire Trump had a…

First American Citizen Dies Of Coronavirus In Wuhan As Supply Shortages Persist, Police Forcibly...

Summary: Fatalities in China reached a single-day high of 86 on Friday, raising the national death toll to 724 WHO reported 31,481 confirmed global cases on Friday, up by 3,000+ cases from Thursday; SCMP says total cases closer to 35k First American citizen has died First Japanese citizen suspected of succumbing to virus France elevates…

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