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Monday, January 25, 2021

50 Richest Americans Now Worth More Than Poorest 165 Million 

If readers want more evidence that the current economic system is rigged towards the working poor, well, look no further: New Federal Reserve data shows how these monetary wizards exacerbated the wealth gap during the virus pandemic via unprecedented quantitative easing programs.  Never before has the Fed unleashed so much monetary stimulus in a given quarter (2Q20)…

59 Million Americans Expect Income Losses Ahead Of Presidential Election  

The Census Bureau's latest Household Pulse Survey speaks volume to the "K-shaped" recovery, where high-income Americans saw their jobs immediately return and "V-shaped" recoveries for stock and other asset prices, while middle- and lower-class people continue to experience job loss, food insecurity, unable to pay bills, and eviction or foreclosure.  The survey, conducted from Sept.…

80% Of Americans Say Post-Pandemic Food Inflation Is Impacting Their Budgets

With its Beige Book, the Federal Reserve and its regional banks frequently gauge business owners' subjective impressions of the overall economy. Recently, these reports have shown signs of permanent economic scarring, though the September report emphasized a different angle: That the economic revival - while not a straightforward "V" - was unfolding more rapidly than…

Aussies weigh in on American election with verdict: Biden is a joke. [Video]

A new week begins, and after the big news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no more, the train of funny and poignant REAL news is launched. The Sky News Australia program “Outsiders” featured quite an interesting video montage detailing the activity in the United States concerning the runup to the Presidential election this November.…

Masked madness makes more messes in our lives

The United States is not alone in the insanity concerning the efficacy of masks against COVID-19 infection. Here in Moscow, Russia, the pattern has been in place that about every two or three weeks, businesses insist that their patrons wear a mask when entering the store. This applies to grocery stores and shopping center stores…

Rich Americans Flock To Caribbean Ahead Of US Presidential Election Turmoil 

Wealthy Americans aren't just fleeing big cities for rural communities amid the virus pandemic, social unrest, and surge in violent crime; some of these folks are leaving the country until the dust settles. Citizenship advisers, government agencies, and real estate developers are pointing out a surge in inbound migration flow of Americans to countries in the Caribbean Sea ahead…

The Decline Of American’s Upward Mobility In One Chart

For decades, a majority of Americans have been able to climb the economic ladder by earning higher incomes than their parents. These improving conditions are known as upward mobility, and form an important part of the American Dream. However, as Visual Capitalist's Marcu Lu explains below, each consecutive generation is finding it harder to make…
remote-working-americans-shell-out $30,000-for-tiny-home-offices 

Remote-Working Americans Shell Out $30,000 For Tiny Home Offices 

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck fast and hard, years of changes are transforming the economy in a matter of quarters. For instance, the trend of remote work continues to erupt, allowing folks to work at home instead of corporate offices.  The next-generation work environment could be one's back yard. People have been shelling out $30,000 for tiny home offices post-pandemic.…

Americans Are Now Renting Private Swimming Pools 

The virus pandemic has led to the closure of many public pools across the country. The latest surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths across Sun Belt states sealed the deal in postponing the reopening of pools. With only a month left of the swimming season, Americans have resorted to an Airbnb-style app that allows them to rent private residential pools. …

Rickards: Americans Should Fear The “Anarchy From Above”

Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, Chesterton - G.K. Chesterton - once wrote of “anarchy from above.” Anarchy. The word implies a mob amok. Anarchy implies violence. And chaos. Anarchy implies the murder of law, of order… both borne away by the whirlwind. American cities have been scenes of anarchy. How else would…

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