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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Americans in Russia asked to leave the country by June 15th [Video]

The relations between the United States and the Russian Federation just slipped another notch, and for the first time, Americans living in Russia may have to deal with some hard issues. According to RIA Novosti and the US Embassy’s own website, the US Embassy in Russia announced a staff cut of 75 percent: Reduction of…

The Russians know Americans do not like Biden [Video]

This came through the Russian media outlet inosmi.ru, a news site dedicated to looking at what people outside Russia are thinking about and talking about concerning Russia. We offer a translated piece, which is quite interesting because the original comments were made in English, translated to Russian, and now we are going back to English.Anyone who…

Are Americans Really Going To Spend $2 Trillion In “Excess Savings”

In an article published last week, a group of Fed researchers argued that the high savings accumulated by US households over the last year might not be “excessive”. This, as most sellside researchers and most recently, Deutsche Bank rates strategist Stuart Sparks notes, is "an important claim because the reflation narrative posits that as the…

Rich Americans Scrambling To Buy ‘Golden Passports’ To Second Country

Wealthy Americans are rushing to secure second passports, as a growing club of individuals have begun participating in government programs abroad which allow foreigners to acquire them, according to Bloomberg. A person holds up an image of a Cypriot passport during a protest against corruption last month after the latest scandal to surround the investment…

45,000 Americans Flood New Zealand’s Immigration Website During Election

Tens of thousands of Americans flooded New Zealand's immigration website, called New Zealand Now, during this week's presidential election, requesting information about moving to the island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.  New Zealand's Stuff reports a massive surge in Americans, more than 40,000, have visited the government's immigration website in the last few days following the…

Black Americans Hesitant On Vaccine

Many researchers and experts around the world are in agreement that a safe, effective and cheap COVID-19 vaccine is still months away. Still, that isn’t stopping politicians from pressuring vaccine makers, misinformation from spreading across social media and the digital realm, and Kamala Harris casting doubt on any vaccine under Trump. In fact, as Statista's Willem Roper…

3 Things Americans Are Doing Amid Election Angst, COVID Chaos, & Economic Entropy

Authored by Michael Snyder via TheMostImportantNews.com, Do you remember how crazy things got when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States and widespread hoarding caused serious shortages of certain goods all over the United States?  Well, it is starting to happen again.  As we approach the end of 2020, a “perfect storm” of circumstances…

Americans Are Panic-Buying Military & Survivalist Gear Two Weeks Before Election

It's an alarming trend we've observed before throughout the anxiety-ridden summer of rolling COVID-lockdowns and pandemic 'uncertainty' as well as the chaos of race protests and riots: Americans are stockpiling weapons and combat gear like there's no tomorrow, or rather looking toward the near-term extreme unknowns coming post-election. Surveying gun and tactical gear stores in…

“Americans Must Wake Up To The Ugly Reality” – China Is Now The World’s...

Authored by Graham Allison via NationalInterest.org, China has now displaced the U.S. to become the largest economy in the world. Measured by the more refined yardstick that both the IMF and CIA now judge to be the single best metric for comparing national economies, the IMF Report shows that China’s economy is one-sixth larger than…

50 Richest Americans Now Worth More Than Poorest 165 Million 

If readers want more evidence that the current economic system is rigged towards the working poor, well, look no further: New Federal Reserve data shows how these monetary wizards exacerbated the wealth gap during the virus pandemic via unprecedented quantitative easing programs.  Never before has the Fed unleashed so much monetary stimulus in a given quarter (2Q20)…

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