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Ann Coulter: ‘We Thought Trump Was Different’ About Starting Wars

January 06, 2020 5:13 PM ET Conservative author Ann Coulter bemoaned President Donald Trump’s escalation of tensions with Iran in a tweet Monday, saying that his supporters thought he would be “different.” “All Republican presidents run on keeping us out of war, as Eisenhower, Nixon,” Coulter wrote. “Reagan actually did. Then, they start wars. We…

COULTER: If ‘Law & Order’ Writers Are Worried Trump Is Stopping Rapists, I Have...

December 11, 2019 5:45 PM ET With the impeachment nonsense making TV news unwatchable, I’ve been catching up on “Law & Order SVU” recently. The scripts involve the sort of real-life crimes that are a lot more common since our country has become “diverse,” such as child rape and incest. But the child-rapists are never…

Exclusive: Ann Coulter Hits Back At Mark Levin’s ‘Pseudo-Conservatives’ Insult

Ann Coulter stopped by the Daily Caller and delivered a blistering response to radio host Mark Levin’s claim that she and Matt Drudge are “pseudo conservatives” and “sellouts” for allegedly turning on President Donald Trump. Coulter criticized the president for being willing to make a deal with Democrats to allow DACA recipients to stay in…

COULTER: California Used To Be A Window Into Our Future; Now It’s A Dumpster...

November 06, 2019 5:41 PM ET In this column, I will prove that Democrats: 1) Don’t care about “Russians,” (Ukrainians?) or anyone else interfering with our democracy; and 2) they also don’t give a crap about guns. Let’s begin by looking at the Democrats’ Platonic ideal of a democracy: California! California is wholly controlled by…

COULTER: Meet The Georgetown Set Elitist The Media Calls A ‘Whistleblower’

I have a confession. I behaved badly recently, and I’m just going to admit it. As a guest at a dinner party in Georgetown, I stormed in and started bossing everyone around. First, I demanded that the foyer be painted a different color and wainscoting be added to the dining room. Then I had my…

Ann Coulter: ‘Most Americans’ Would Like Joe, Hunter Biden Corruption Looked Into

Ann Coulter spoke to Breitbart News Tonight on Monday and said she believes “most Americans” want Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption to be investigated. The Resistance is Futile! author spoke about the Democrat-led impeachment effort and pointed out that it was Biden who, arguably, violated a statute in regards the Ukraine scandal– not the president:…
coulter:-court-tells-washington-post: don’t-try-too-hard-to-get-it-right!

COULTER: Court Tells Washington Post: Don’t Try Too Hard To Get It Right!

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge William O. Bertelsman dismissed Nick Sandmann’s $250 million defamation suit against The Washington Post for its stories about a mythical racist hate-crime allegedly committed by Sandmann, a Catholic schoolboy, against fake war hero and “Indigenous Person” Nathan Phillips. This is why people of sound judgment and good character despise…

Epstein On Suicide Watch After “Mysterious” Injuries, Ann Coulter Wants Him In Super Max...

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found nearly unconscious with bruising around his neck on Tuesday, according to the New York Post and other news outlets. Prison officials and other law enforcement sources were unable to confirm if the injuries were self-inflicted or caused by another person. Epstein, a longtime close personal friend of Bill Clinton…

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