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Monday, September 27, 2021

Ron Paul: Is The “Second Wave” Another COVID-19 Hoax?

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.…

Another Progressive Media Figure ‘Canceled’ For Being ‘Insufficiently Woke’

As the protests have quieted down and America waits for Minnesota AG Keith Ellison to prosecute Derek Chauvin and the 3 other officers who presided over the murder of George Floyd, the aftermath on the Internet has been surprising and swift, as many popular figures who have pledged their support to 'BLM' and the principles…

Another Terrible Idea In San Francisco…

Authored by Erica Sandberg via City-Journal.org, As the United States continues its “pause,” shuttering businesses and public spaces in order to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, residents are compelled to shelter inside their homes. Meantime, those who live on the streets remain outside. San Francisco is well known for its persistent homeless population, made up…

Another ‘Nightmare At Sea’: California Scrambles To Test Passengers Aboard ‘Grand Princess’ Cruise Ship

It's like the world's most horrifying case of de ja vu. A cruise ship carrying 3,500 passengers and crew (2,700 passengers, roughly 800 crew) is floating listlessly in the waters off San Francisco after Cali Gov. Gavin Newsom barred it from docking in the Bay Area city, which reported its first two "presumptive" cases just…

Another ‘Nightmare At Sea’: First COVID-19 Case Detected Aboard Cruise Ship Given ‘Safe Harbor’...

Remember the cruise ship that was refused entry by four countries, despite having zero confirmed cases of COVID-19? In hindsight, those countries might have had a point. Because Reuters reports that the first case of coronavirus has been detected among the ship's passengers, who docked in Cambodia on Friday. Remember when the whole region applauded…

Another Fatal Wreck: Two Dead After Tesla Runs Red Light, Slams Into Vehicle Near...

Another day, yet another Tesla wreck. It was just hours ago that we highlighted a wreck where a Tesla slammed into the back of (yet another) inanimate fire truck.  And yet again, here we are with another "peculiar" sounding Tesla accident. This one involving a Tesla that ran a red light near Los Angeles, California…

Don’t Be Another Wall Street Chump

Authored by Economic Prism's MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum, The Future and the Past Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 156 requires financial institutions to advise investors to not be idiots. Hence, the disclosure pages of nearly every financial instrument in the U.S. are embedded with the following admission or variant thereof: “Past Performance Is…

Just Another Day In Hysteria-Gripped Media-Land

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BMO: “We Just Got Another Recessionary Indicator… As If More Were Needed”

While most US traders were deep in REM sleep, at precisely 3:30am ET, we noted yet another historic moment for the US yield curve: the yield on the 30Y Treasury dropped to an all time low. U.S. 30-YEAR BOND YIELD FALLS TO NEW RECORD LOW OF 1.90% — zerohedge (@zerohedge) August 28, 2019 And indeed,…

Let’s Hope We Don’t Get Another August 2015

Authored by Bloomnerg's Michael Msika Markets like a good pattern. The current set-up is no exception, and is looking increasingly like 2015: a good first half, a Chinese slowdown, PMIs not picking up, late-cycle signs with central banks set to ease to boost growth. There are a few differences of course, and one of them…
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