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REPORT: Alleged Antifa Members Clash With Christian Prayer Service

A Christian prayer service being held in Portland, Oregon, was reportedly attacked by alleged members of Antifa on Saturday, however the exact motive for the clash remains unclear. The service led by Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, who gained notoriety after denouncing police who entered his Calgary church, was being held in downtown Portland when a…

Antifa member meltdown delightful display of leftist hypocrisy [Video]

In one sense, this headline is really wrong. What you are about to see is a human being, beloved by God, in a terribly humiliating state of hysteria that is being billboarded all over the world. Anybody who has ever visited such an emotional state knows it is not good at all. We portray it…

Watch: Christian Woman, L.A. Times Debate Transgender Display in Women’s Spas

Men have a clear legal right to display their “male-appearing genitalia” at children and women in health spas, as long as the men say they are transgender women, and especially when objectors are “bigots,” according to a condescending editorial in the Los Angeles Times. The July 6 editorial in favor of transgender display said: As…

Catfight At The Wi Spa Corral

How much tyranny, how much gaslighting, how much absurdity are the people of the so-called Free World prepared to take? They’re told they’re bigots if they oppose uncontrolled immigration. They’re told they’re bigots if they object to their offspring being brainwashed by Marxism and critical race theory in the classroom. They’re told they are bigots…

Protest Erupts Following Alleged Penis Exposure By Transgender Woman At Spa

Tensions boiled over Saturday outside of a Los Angeles spa during a protest in response to the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s penis in an all-woman’s wet spa section. A woman complained to Wi Spa over the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s genitals in front of women and children in a viral Instagram…

Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team Resigns

The entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team unanimously resigned on Wednesday, according to a press release. 50 Police Bureau employees voluntarily serving on the Rapid Response Team (RRT) left their positions but will continue to serve on the police force, the press release said. RRT is a volunteer organization that responds to civil disobedience, riots…

Republican Reps Demand To Know How Journalists Can Be Protected From Antifa Rioters

Five House Republicans submitted a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to ensure the prosecution of Antifa rioters who assaulted journalist Andy Ngo. “The Biden Administration’s tacit acceptance of left-wing political violence in Portland and the accompanying attacks on journalists is unacceptable and dangerous,” North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, Ohio Rep. Jim…

They Want Us Dead

Earlier this month, Andy Ngô gave a short interview to Lisa Kennedy of Fox News in which he pointed out, not for the first time, that Antifa and their fellow travellers want “us” dead, us being anyone who supports Donald Trump, or the Republican Party, or basically anyone who disagrees with them. Ngô knows what…

Nolte: Democrat-Run Portland Basically Legalizes Rioting by Not Prosecuting Rioters

After more than a year of nearly endless rioting in Democrat-run Portland, only one person is going to prison, reports Fox News. Between May 25 and Oct. 7, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon filed federal charges against 97 people connected to the Portland unrest. Since then 58 of those cases have either been dismissed outright or…

The Trashing Of Andy Ngô

If you wanted further proof, as if further proof were needed, of the total corruption and utter spinelessness of the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic, it is the treatment or rather the mistreatment of Andy Ngô. In case you haven’t heard of him, he is a graduate of UCLA and a photo-journalist.…
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