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Sunday, January 24, 2021

WATCH: Antifa Attacks Then Runs Away After Patriot Group Fights Back

Antifa members came out to challenge a patriot group in Olympia, Washington, but retreated after the group fought off their attack, according to witnesses and Twitter posts. The Antifa group reportedly posted a “bash fascists” poster on social media before the incident. Multiple brawls took place in the Washington capital city of Olympia on Saturday…

Teen Vogue: ‘America’s Values Are White Supremacy and Capitalism’

In an essay published on Friday, Teen Vogue columnist Kandist Mallett blasts America while calling for a range of radical motions and criticizing any notion of unity.   In the essay, titled “There’s No Such Thing As a United America,” Mallett writes that the U.S. is rooted in “divisiveness,” was founded “through the genocide of…

WATCH: Antifa Accosts Women, Children, Elderly, and Restaurant-Goers After MAGA March

Antifa and BLM wasted no time in accosting women, children, families, and the elderly as they walked down Washington, DC, streets after the Million MAGA March on Saturday. Protesters threw large fireworks and projectiles at restaurant-goers eating outside and flashed laser lights into hotel rooms. DC Metropolitan Police blocked off BLM Plaza so Million MAGA…

BLM/Antifa Thugs Attack Trump Supporters, Including Children, After D.C. “Million MAGA March”

Update (2130ET): As the evening has progressed, so has the violence - almost entirely committed by leftist thugs against conservatives. — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 15, 2020 Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists vandalize a black man's MAGA merch stall. pic.twitter.com/27bNiTzQ6P — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) November 15, 2020 This is disgraceful. pic.twitter.com/8EN5UBVRZt — Jack Posobiec…

Watch: BLM Protesters Attack D.C. Cops: ‘F*ck You, You F**cking Uncle Tom’

“You fucking Uncle Tom coon ass nigger!” shouted a female Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester with a megaphone at a black police officer driving a police vehicle in Washington, DC, on Tuesday evening. “All cops are fucking bitches!” The protester’s denigration of police officers mirrors the “A.C.A.B” (“All Cops Are Bastards”) acronym used by leftists…

Fear Will Fail On Election Day

This Tuesday, the American people will stand up to crush the Radical Left and reelect President Donald Trump. In 2016, the radical, anti-American establishment elites were intent on installing Hillary Clinton as the monarch who would complete the socialist agenda started during the Obama-Biden administration. They were so close. But a funny thing happened on…

‘I Will Not Cower’: PA Candidate Sean Parnell Reports Home Vandalized with Communist Imagery

Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Sean Parnell (R) condemned political violence and vowed not to back down after his home was vandalized with an apparent Communist symbol over the weekend. On Sunday morning, Parnell posted a photo of his garage door defaced with the words, “Elections No Revolutions Yes!” plus a hammer and sickle symbol spray-painted…

WATCH: Rioters Move from Businesses to Residential Streets in Portland

Rioters quickly moved from a business district in northeast Portland onto residential streets after police declared a riot condition. Anti-capitalist, anti-police rioters marched through a neighborhood overturning trashcans and shouting at residents. Rioters took to the streets of a northeast Portland business district and began vandalizing the windows of companies, Breitbart News reported Saturday night.…

Police Declare Riot as Antifa Attacks Businesses in Portland

The Portland Police Bureau declared a demonstration that turned violent Saturday night to be a riot. The declaration followed the smashing of windows of multiple businesses in northeast Portland during a “Capitalism is Scary” march. Portland police officials tweeted a warning to protesters that the now-violent demonstration is now considered to be a riot. The…

VIDEO: Police High-Speed Extraction of Mobbed Free-Speech Activists at Twitter HQ

San Francisco police had to quickly extract a group of conservative activists who attempted to hold a Free Speech Rally and Protest at Twitter headquarters. The small group of protesters was quickly surrounded by a violent mob of Antifa counterprotesters. At one point, police determined they needed to move the conservatives away from the protest…
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