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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Are you ready for Cackling Kamala? [Video]

The presidential elections of 2020 gave America a triple killing blow, and unfortunately, it does not appear that enough people realize what this means. First we have Imposter Evil Hair-Smelling Uncle Joe Biden. He is the tool by which people who are truly out to destroy America, and not only America, but to turn the…

Native American Population Spikes By 27% As Electorate Grows More Diverse

The Native American population surged by over 27% in the last decade as the group’s numbers continue to recoup after almost being purged from the country centuries ago, according to the U.S. Census. Those who solely identify as Native American or Alaska Native increased by 27.1%, or 3.7 million people, compared to the previous census…

Arizona Gov. Ducey Calls for the Resignation of DHS Chief Mayorkas

Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey is calling for the resignation of President Joe Biden’s border chief, one day after border officials admitted they allowed a record 117,000 migrants to enter the United States in August. Ducey said in a Friday statement: It is time for Secretary Mayorkas to resign, and for him to be replaced with…

Arizona Attorney General’s Office Launches Investigation Into Maricopa County

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office informed the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in a letter sent on Friday that it has launched an investigation into allegations the county has not “compl[ied] with valid and enforceable legislative subpoenas that originated from the AZ State Senate.” The investigation was launched in response to a legislative request…

2020 election audits expand despite suppression efforts [Video]

The states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have all joined Arizona in the decision to conduct forensic audits of the 2020 presidential elections. This move got a major push after authorities from these and several other states visited the Maricopa County auditing operations. We do not know what they saw, but whatever it was was…

Bees From Massive 100-Pound Hive Attack And Kill Man, Injure Five Others

A swarm of bees attacked a group of people Thursday in Arizona, killing one and injuring five people after their 100-pound hive was disturbed. According to the Northwest Fire District, three people were stung over a hundred times before being rushed to the hospital. Fox News reported that one man, who has not yet been…

Democrats’ Massive Amnesty Prospects Fade with Kyrsten Sinema Opposition to $3.5T Budget

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) threw a wrench into Democrats’ plan to slip amnesty for millions of illegal aliens into a federal spending package that would bypass a filibuster and only need a simple majority in the United States Senate. On Wednesday, Sinema announced that she opposes a $3.5 trillion budget — which includes an amnesty for…

Twitter Suspends Election Audit Accounts as Dems Begin January 6 Hearings

Twitter has suspended several accounts focused on ballot audits in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the same day that that Congress begins partisan Democrat-led select committee hearings on the events of January 6th. The suspensions occurred on the same day, and affected the accounts of @ArizonaAudit, @Audit_PA, @AuditGeorgia, @AuditNevada, @AuditWisconsin,…

Consensus builds on notion of removing Biden from office [Video]

Could what was prophesied by some of our pundits (even me) actually come to pass? Will Joe Biden be removed from office due to cognitive inability to function? (Spoiler Alert: I don’t think we are even close to this point – Imposter Biden is too useful) It is a commonly used trope for conservative pundits…

AZ Senate Candidate Masters: If GOP Loses in 2022 ‘We Lose the Country Forever’

Venture capitalist and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that if Democrats win the 2022 midterm elections, then “we lose the country forever.” Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “Joining me right now is Blake Masters. He is running for the Senate seat in Arizona. And he…
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