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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Arizona Town Declares “State Of Emergency” Over Border Crisis

Authored by Samuel Allegri via The Epoch Times,The mayor of an Arizona town is calling for a state of emergency over the crisis at the southern border.Gila Bend, a town near Arizona’s border with Mexico, has a population of only 2,000 people.Mayor Chris Riggs told Fox News he is placing the blame on the Biden administration for transporting illegal…

Arizona’s Education Department Launches Internal Review After Report Reveals Its ‘Equity Toolkit’ Traces Racism...

Arizona’s state education department is conducting an internal review after it was revealed the department’s “equity toolkit” suggests racism develops in children as young as 3 months old, the Discovery Institute’s Christopher Rufo reported Friday. Although the department “recognizes the need for resources that explore equity and inclusion issues,” it would probe the “recently publicized resources…

Arizona Man Goes to Texas to Repair Water-Damaged Homes

An Arizona man inspired to do good went to Texas, which has been storm-ravaged in recent days, to repair water-damaged homes. Jordan Orta, who owns Tru Grit Restoration, says he called a Texas property management company to see if they needed any help after the treacherous winter storm. When the company said yes, Orta began…

Texas joins GOP challenge, broadening the pro-Trump efforts [Video]

This is a bit of real news concerning the election challenge offered by President Donald Trump, in opposition to the massive fraud that was carefully targeted at key heavy Democrat cities in states that were likely to go to the President this year. The State of Texas announced a lawsuit alleging unconstitutional actions on the…

Trump Vows to Keep Fighting for Voting Integrity in 45-Minute Facebook Video

President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to continue fighting the results of the 2020 presidential election. “This is maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made,” said Donald Trump, detailing his latest efforts to fight voter fraud in a 45-minute video posted on Facebook. The president spoke at length about all the allegations of fraud…

More evidence of massive Democrat fraud in the election [Video]

Some of my recent pieces took bits from the massive three hour hearing before the GOP legislators of Pennsylvania to describe the fraud that took place in that state and others, artificially “creating” a win for Joe Biden. There is so much information pointing to fraud that the only real problem these days is that…

REAL MOVEMENT in the Election saga as Giuliani’s team SCORES in PA [Video]

While the mainstream media keeps singing the not so great hit, “I’m Just Biden* My Time”, causing the original writers to spin in their graves, (the real song is a classic, listen here), the legal team representing President Donald Trump just scored a major victory with their testimony before a group of Pennsylvania state legislators,…

Media plays on American Constitutional ignorance while Trump presses forward [Video]

Steve Turley and another great friend whom Big Tech hates (follow the link) published a piece noting how the state legislatures in Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania are meeting to hear the cases and evidence alleging massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Since this site is blocked from Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we…

Arizona is the path to Trump’s re-election

*****News Topic 139***** Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Denied Entry Into Maricopa County Elections Center as Ballots Are Counted Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Denied Entry Into Maricopa County Elections Center as Ballots Are Counted Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar has reportedly been denied entry into the Maricopa County Elections Center as ballots are being counted. A large…

Steve Turley connects the dots and comes up with Coup attempt [Video]

It goes without saying that for Trump supporters the last thirty-six hours have been anywhere from sad to depressing to even agonizing. The mainstream networks’ effort to call the election for Biden have been joined, apparently by Fox News, whose reporting has the election all but in the bag for Biden, at 264-213. If we…
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