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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Exclusive– Rep. Jim Banks Urges Barr, DOJ to Ban Chinese Drones in U.S. Law...

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is raising concerns in a new letter to Attorney General Bill Barr over law enforcement and emergency service departments around the country employing Chinese-produced drones. Banks, in a Thursday letter to Barr obtained by Breitbart News exclusively ahead of its public release, expressed that he is worried about a Chinese Communist…

Report: India Holding Up Imports of U.S. Products Made in China

DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP via Getty Images Customs officials at major Indian ports are holding back imports coming from China, Indian government and industry sources told Reuters on Wednesday. Among the goods held back are products from U.S. companies, including Apple, Dell, Cisco, and Ford Motor Company. Although no official Indian government notice has been issued confirming the…

China Sentences Australian Citizen to Death amid Deteriorating Diplomatic Ties

A Chinese court sentenced an Australian citizen to death for alleged drug trafficking, the Guardian reported on Monday. Karm Gilespie has been detained in China since late 2013, according to Chinese state media reports released over the weekend. The 56-year-old man was reportedly arrested at an airport in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, allegedly…

Intruders with Explosives Kidnap Chinese Billionaire

Police rescued a Chinese billionaire on Monday after intruders broke into his luxury villa in southern China on Sunday and attempted to kidnap him, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. Ranked the sixth-richest person in China by Forbes, He Xiangjian, 77, is worth an estimated $25 billion. On Sunday, alleged intruders “carrying explosives” broke…

China: U.S. Will ‘Draw Fire Against Itself’ if It Curbs Hong Kong Investments

China said the U.S. “will damage its own interests” if it restricts U.S. capital flows through the Hong Kong market, which the U.S. Treasury confirmed was being considered on Thursday, the Chinese Communist Party newspaper Global Times reported on Friday. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters on Thursday that he was working on “a…

China to Demolish Muslim Cemetery in Heart of Uyghur Capital

Radio Free Asia (RFA) revealed on Thursday that Chinese officials in Xinjiang have begun proceedings to destroy yet another Uyghur cemetery in the heart of the Uyghur homeland, Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi. Reports throughout the past year have revealed a campaign of unearthing the remains of Uyghur families, often destroying them while leveling entire cemeteries. Some…

Tiananmen Survivor: Trump ‘Has Done Better in Confronting China’ than Predecessors

U.S. President Donald Trump has been tougher on China than his predecessors, a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing at the hands of Chinese communist troops declared on Wednesday, on the eve of the heinous crackdown’s anniversary. Thursday marked the 31st anniversary of the incident in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, where communist troops…

Tiananmen Massacre Survivor: China an ‘Existential Threat’ to the World

Beijing’s decision to hide the severity of the novel coronavirus during the early stages of the outbreak, a move that allowed the disease to spill over to other countries, has rendered communist China an “existential threat” to the globe, a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre proclaimed on Wednesday. China is the birthplace of…

Signs point to the next century becoming the Asian Century

A May 25th report from Russia’s TASS News Agency brings up a very interesting question: What will the role of the United States be in the century to come, and who will be the leader of the world if it is not the US? This report opines that an Asian century is looming, and that…

EU admitted “American-led system” nears its end

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst… European Union foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told a gathering of German ambassadors on Monday that “analysts have long talked about the end of an American-led system and the arrival of an Asian century. This is now happening in front of our eyes.” He said…
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