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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Enes Kanter Freedom Blasts ‘Parasite’ Elon Musk for Opening Tesla Showroom in China

NBA star and freedom-fighter Enes Kanter Freedom blasted entrepreneur Elon Musk for ignoring China’s human rights abuses and opening a Tesla showroom near the region in China where the communists operate forced labor camps. Shame on @elonmusk for supporting the Genocide,” the player tweeted on Thursday. “Shortly after the U.S passes the Uyghur Forced Labor…

‘Inclusive’: Taliban Military Will Include Women, Suicide Bombers

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told reporters that the updated Afghan military under the jihadists’ rule will have a place for women as well as a battalion of suicide bombers, the Afghan outlet Khaama Press reported on Tuesday. The Taliban has spent much of its effort since taking over Afghanistan in August – the result of…

China Scolds America for Celebrating New Year’s Eve a Year After Crowded Wuhan Bash

China’s Global Times government newspaper condemned Americans in an article on Monday for “shouting, kissing, and dancing” on New Year’s Eve while much of China was under brutal coronavirus lockdowns – necessitated by the Communist Party’s poor handling of the pandemic. Scenes at the end of 2021 differed significantly on both sides of the planet to…

Report: Chinese Communists Target Anonymous Critics on Facebook, Twitter

Google Cloud/YouTube The Chinese Communist Party is increasingly using advanced technological tactics to track down China critics on Twitter and Facebook, even when dissidents make use of anonymous accounts, according to a new report in the New York Times.  The report also revealed that Twitter suspended an account used by a Chinese student living abroad that…

Taliban Rule: Attackers Burn Transgender Afghan’s Feet in Torture Attack

The Afghan outlet Tolo News reported on Wednesday that transgender people in the country are facing heightened fear of brutal violence under the Taliban rule, detailing the story of one person beaten and burned by a gang of attackers. Abdul Sabor Husseini, who the broadcaster identified as a “transgender person,” told Tolo News that “unknown individuals”…

China Admits Worst Coronavirus Situation Since 2020 as Genocide Olympics Approach

The Chinese Communist government on Monday admitted to its worst coronavirus case numbers in over 20 months – creating some drama around “whether China can effectively put this round of flare-ups under control before the Beijing Winter Olympics in February,” as the state-run Global Times put it. The Global Times blamed the surge of coronavirus cases…

Report: China Replacing Soldiers with Robots in Tibet Due to Poor Performance

The Chinese military is reportedly moving a large number of unmanned ground vehicles into the Tibetan plateau, taking over duties from ethnic Han soldiers in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who have trouble coping with the cold temperatures and thin air of Tibet. A report from India’s Times Now News on Tuesday said over half of…

China: U.S. Law Banning Uyghur Slave Products ‘Blasphemy Against Democracy’

China’s state-run Global Times on Friday denounced the U.S. Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act as an act of “blasphemy against real democracy, human rights, and free trade.”  The Communist paper predicted “the difficulties of enforcing the law and huge costs paid by American companies after enacting the law will lead to more voices opposing the…

Hollywood’s Sinking Ship Sends F-List Actors Flocking to Anti-American Chinese Propaganda Films

The rapid decline of Hollywood’s share of the Chinese film market – the largest in the world as of 2020, when the Chinese coronavirus pandemic shut American cinemas and productions down – has created a small but growing market of Western actors landing big roles as the villains in communist propaganda movies. Hollywood studios have…

6 International Bad Guys Thrilled to Have Biden in Office This Year

President Joe Biden is nearing the end of his first year in office – a meaningful milestone after a year of global chaos spurred on by incoherent and sometimes seemingly deliberately counterproductive policies. As a candidate, Biden promised voters, “America’s coming back like we used to be: ethical, straight, tell ’em the truth … supporting our…

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