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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Forgotten Russian/American Struggle to Break the British Empire

Originally posted on the Strategic Culture Foundation In a recent paper entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Arctic: Theatre of War or Cooperation?’ I introduced readers to the US-Russian grand design which shaped not only the sale of Alaska in October 1867 to the USA for $7.2 million, but also Russia’s involvement in the American Civil War as Czar Alexander…

John Mulaney Jokes On ‘SNL’ About Senators Stabbing Julius Caesar, Says It ‘Would Be...

March 01, 2020 1:32 PM ET Comedian John Mulaney explained in his “Saturday Night Live” monologue how Julius Caesar was assassinated by Roman senators and suggested “that would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.” “It is a leap year, as I said. Leap year began in 45 B.C. under Julius Caesar.…

Dem loss may lead to more extreme actions against President Trump [Video]

Anyone following the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump knows that there is a very large group of angry liberals, globalists, deep-staters and Democrats (and not a few “RINO” Republicans) who really, really, really wish Mr. Trump would go away. Permanently. The hopes of him doing so in the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry and Trial appear…

Martin Luther King’s 91st Birthday: A Reminder of an Existential Choice Still Undecided

The world marches forward into the new year with a mix of hope and trepidation. The words of Martin Luther King who warned in his final days the universal truth that either we commit to “nonviolent coexistence or violent coannihilation” ring as true today as they did when they were spoken in 1968. In that speech,…

The US will disintegrate unless the Senate totally exposes corruption [Video]

The American news media is presently split between two “poles” of opinion regarding President Trump and the impeachment proceedings being brought against him. The louder “pole” is held by the mainstream media outlets, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, as well as the declining but still significant cable outlets CNN, MSNBC and recently, the Drudge Report. All…

Tom Arnold Aims JFK Assassination Tweet At Trump

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, 'Actor' Tom Arnold raised the prospect of another JFK-style assassination after Trump arrived in Dallas, Texas for an event at the American Airlines Center last night. After Trump tweeted a video of the huge crowd that awaited him with the words, “Just arrived at the American Airlines…

Tucker Carlson unleashes severe criticism of US Intel Community

Tucker Carlson is not known for being a timid newsman at any time. But recently, as the massive exposure effort that is being cast across the Western world as “Donald Trump’s impeachment process” gains traction, the globalist elite is being forced out of the woodwork, and their fury is backed by great power due to…

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