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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Unfit To Print Episode 64: Media Refuses To Cover George Floyd Body Cam Footage

The Daily Mail obtained leaked body cam footage from the police officers who arrested George Floyd, and the full video is not good for the Black Lives Matter narrative. The footage shows that Floyd was resisting arrest, impossible to deal with, and was complaining about not being able to breathe well before he was put…

Unfit To Print Episode 63: Media Applauds NBA Anthem Kneeling, Avoids League Kneeling To...

The media loves the NBA when its players kneel for the national anthem, but it doesn’t like to talk about the fact that the NBA constantly bows to the Chinese authoritarian regime. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked NBA commissioner Adam Silver all kinds of questions about Black Lives Matter and social justice during a recent…

Unfit To Print Episode 61: Goya CEO And Trump Step Up To The Cancel...

The CEO of Goya took heat after praising President Donald Trump for creating jobs, but refused to back down when leftists threatened to boycott his company. Now, loyal Trump supporters are instituting a “Buycott” where they purchase Goya products and donate them to people in need. Meanwhile in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is bragging…

Unfit To Print Episode 59: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Fails Trying To Shame St. Louis...

CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to shame Mark McCloskey after he and his wife went viral for using firearms to protect their home from protesters in St. Louis. The media repeatedly tried to claim that the protesters were peaceful, but McCloskey shot that theory down on live television. According to the couple, the protesters broke down…

Unfit To Print Episode 50: The #MeToo Hypocrites Have Gone Silent For Biden

Believe all women? Apparently only if the woman is accusing a Republican of misconduct! The #MeToo warriors have proven themselves to be major hypocrites as they either ignore or actively try to discredit Tara Reade’s allegation against former vice president Joe Biden. News outlets have avoided reporting on her, while dozens of Democratic politicians who…

Unfit To Print Episode 45: Media Blames Trump For Man Eating Fish Tank Cleaner

A couple decided this week that they would eat fish tank cleaner after realizing that it contained the same active ingredient as an anti-malarial drug that has been rumored to treat coronavirus. No doctor is giving out a prescription for fish tank cleaner, and this couple didn’t even have coronavirus, but somehow the media is…

Unfit To Print Episode 40: Roger Stone Gets Railroaded

Political trickster Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison for the crime of being associated with President Donald Trump, and members of the media were thrilled. “Unfit to Print” host Amber Athey explains the allegations against Stone, the tainted jury pool, and the biased judge in this week’s episode. LISTEN:  It seems conservatives…

Unfit To Print Episode 39: CNN Mocks Rural Trump Supporters

CNN proved they learned nothing from the 2016 election when they aired a segment with a group of elitists mocking supporters of President Donald Trump. The condescending cable news cretins still don’t get why Trump supporters wanted to shake up the system — people like them have been in power for decades and yet have…

Unfit To Print Episode 37: CNN Goes To Bat For Elizabeth Warren, Throws Bernie...

CNN proved that it is in the tank for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren this week when they took her side in a he said, she said debate with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders was accused of sexism based on something he allegedly said during a private meeting with Warren in 2018. There is no proof…

Unfit To Print Episode 35: WaPo Reporters Appear To Celebrate Impeachment

President Donald Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House of Representatives this week, and the media couldn’t get enough. Some gloated about how there would forever be an “asterisk” next to the president’s name, while a group of Washington Post reporters enjoyed their “Merry Impeachmas” with pints of Guinness and spinach and artichoke dip. (RELATED: ‘Merry…

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