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Monday, January 18, 2021

Aussies weigh in on American election with verdict: Biden is a joke. [Video]

A new week begins, and after the big news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no more, the train of funny and poignant REAL news is launched. The Sky News Australia program “Outsiders” featured quite an interesting video montage detailing the activity in the United States concerning the runup to the Presidential election this November.…

New law in Australia aims to squash “conspiracy theorists”

*****News Topic 31***** Pre-Crime: New Law Would Give Australian Authorities Power to Arrest C***D “Conspiracy Theorists” Pre-Crime: New Law Would Give Australian Authorities Power to Arrest COVID “Conspiracy Theorists” In response to criticism that CNN is continuously praising mass gatherings when they are BLM organised, but condemning Trump campaign rallies for breaking COVID restrictions, the…

Australia: Chinese Agents ‘Masquerading as Journalists’ Prompt Police Raids

Australia’s interior ministry on Sunday defended the government’s recent intelligence raids on Chinese agents “masquerading as journalists” in Australia after China condemned the searches. In June, Australian intelligence agencies raided the homes of four Chinese individuals accused of posing as journalists in Australia. Last Friday, Australia’s trade minister revealed that the agencies “acted on evidence related to a…

Australia Plunges Into First Recession In 29 Years Following Biggest GDP Drop On Record

Nothing good lasts forever, as Australia just discovered when after seemingly defeating the gravity of the business cycle and lasting a record 29 year without an economic contraction, the country tumbled head first into its first recession in almost 30 years, which also happened to be the worst on record as its Q2 GDP plunged…

London protests, Berlin protests and Melbourne lockdown (Video)

Via DW ()… Some 45 police officers were reportedly injured in Berlin on Saturday as they tried to break up a large gathering of people demonstrating against coronavirus restrictions, including the face mask requirement. Three of the officers were being treated in hospital, Berlin police said in a statement. More than 130 people were arrested, for…

India should not participate in Washington-led anti-China coalition

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro… For years, the US, Japan and India have maintained Malabar military exercises on an annual basis. As the US and Japan are absolutely aligned countries and India is a Washington regional strategic partner, the common…

Australia is sending spies to China

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro… Chinese authorities have announced that they are fighting a major Australian spying offensive. According to information released by Global Times, anonymous government sources have revealed that several Australian spies have been identified and tracked both in…

China Sentences Australian Citizen to Death amid Deteriorating Diplomatic Ties

A Chinese court sentenced an Australian citizen to death for alleged drug trafficking, the Guardian reported on Monday. Karm Gilespie has been detained in China since late 2013, according to Chinese state media reports released over the weekend. The 56-year-old man was reportedly arrested at an airport in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, allegedly…

President Trump invites Putin – and Russia – to help at G7

TASS, the Russian News Agency, reports that Russia’s presence is both valued and desired at the upcoming G7 meeting. Last week, US President Donald Trump informed that the G7 summit set to take place in the USA would be moved from late June to September, adding that he plans to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia…

World Health Organization Stopped Medical Experts from Recommending Coronavirus Travel Bans

Medical experts wanted to recommend travel bans for nations to help stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic. World Health Organization (WHO) bureaucrats stopped them from making those recommendations. A report by Australia’s Sky News revealed that on January 30, WHO bureaucrats met with a group of doctors…
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