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How To Fix America’s Broken Cash Bail System

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice. The system of cash bail used in the United States for people charged with criminal offences has come in for widespread…

Radical Soros-Backed Group Supporting Legal Bail Fund for Violent Pro-Palestinian ‘Activists’

The radical Soros-funded Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) is a “fiscal sponsor” of the newly-created Palestine Freedom Fund, a project of the rabid anti-Israel NY4Palestine Coalition which “as a first initiative” has raised nearly $20,000 to fund legal expenses for Palestinian protesters who participated in antisemitic demonstrations that descended into violence against Jews in Midtown…

Group That Previously Let Out Soon-To-Be Criminals In Efforts To End Cash Bail Heads...

The Bail Project, a group that previously let out soon-to-be criminals, seeks to end cash bail in the Deep South as it expands its influence in the region. Organizers of The Bail Project’s “Bail Out the South” campaign told the Associated Press (AP) that the group seeks to pay the bail of thousands and will…

Jay-Z Paying Bail, Citation Fees For Protesters In Wauwatosa

October 09, 2020 9:08 PM ET Jay-Z’s Team Roc has paid for protesters’ bail/citation fees in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, following multiple arrests Thursday night. The social justice arm of the 50-year-old rapper’s entertainment company, Roc Nation, posted bond for Alvin Cole’s mother and his three sisters, who were arrested while protesting his death, per CBS58 News…

‘This Is A Radical Assault On Our Criminal Justice System’: Horace Cooper Blasts The...

Author Horace Cooper said Friday that The Bail Project is “a radical assault on our criminal justice system” that assumes poverty forces people to commit crimes. The organization’s website promotes the group as “a critical tool to prevent incarceration and to prevent racial disparities in the bail system.” “This is a radical assault assault on…

Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Alleged Lancaster Rioters

A Pennsylvania judge set the bail at $1 million each for several protesters who were allegedly rioting in the wake of the police shooting of a knife-wielding man from Lancaster. Lancaster Police arrested 12 adults and one juvenile for staging the alleged riots around 3 a.m. Monday. The clashes between police and protesters ultimately caused…

Gang Member Accused of Sexual Assault While Out on $6,000 Bail

An alleged gang member who was out on $6,000 bail for 34 counts of armed robbery and assault has been accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. Prosecutors requested that 17-year-old Tony Johnson’s bail be set at $225,000, but a Brooklyn judge ordered the bail be lowered to $6,000, the New York Post reported. But…
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