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Thursday, August 18, 2022

The main threat in Europe

https://balticword.com/the-main-threat-in-europe/ NATO regularly conducts military exercises in the Baltic States. Exercises in the Baltic region do not stop in fact. From March 1 to March 12, NATO military exercise “Griffin Lighting 21” is held in Estonia. In the course of maneuvers, it is planned to work in cooperation to protect the region from “external aggression”.…

Millions of dollars flying over the Baltic States to threaten Russia

The Baltic States desperately try to show their disagreement with neighbouring countries’ policy. The authorities demonstrate their full despair to cope with Russia’s and Belarus’ political intention to follow their own economic and political path. This fact even makes the Balts angry and annoying. There are several causes of it. Unfortunately, having escaped from the…

Law and double standards in Baltic States

A soldier of the Lithuanian army was detained in Jurbarkas on Tuesday. He was driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the Police Department, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was stopped for inspection. A soldier was dressed in uniform of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The driver was clearly in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but…

Baltic States at the epicenter of military exercises

The Baltic States have become the scene of NATO military actions especially aimed at provoking Russia and Belarus. At the end of September, this year’s largest military exercise “Sword 2020” will take place in Latvia. Approximately 1000 Vidzeme Brigade bodyguards and soldiers, representatives from the Lithuanian Armed Forces Volunteer Defense Forces and the NATO Extended…

Fake solidarity by NATO

Submitted by The Baltic Word… On the 16th anniversary of the country’s accession to NATO, Lithuanian Minister of Defense Raimundas Karoblis came up with a well-known myth: our state is an equal member of the alliance. “We are stronger than ever before and we are grateful to the Allies for their efforts in strengthening the…

U.S. – Baltic States: nothing personal – just business

Submitted by Adomas Abromaitis… Security situation in the world is deteriorating year by year, day by day. But wars and conflicts nowadays are not only deaths and damage but business and money for involved participants. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) made a report on all international transfers of major arms (including sales, gifts and…

Dilemma for the Baltic States: prosperity or defence

Submitted by Adomas Abromaitis… The Jamestown Foundation, an influential US think tank, published a report in October – “How to defend the Baltic States” written by R.D. Hooker, Jr. The report examines NATO capability to defend its eastern flank – the Baltic States. It contains harsh criticisms towards the Baltic States which do less than…

Two-faced Lithuanian politics

Submitted by Adomas Abromaitis… Lithuania continues attempts to support the image of a democratic state and at the same time not to lose foreign military support. On September 26, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda made his first address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In his speech he said that threat to Russia’s neighbouring…

Lost Independence of the Baltic States

Submitted by Viktors Domburs… In 1991 the Baltic States gained independence. They started to develop their new way. This choice was highly appreciated by the residents of the Baltic countries, as well as by people all over the world. People craved independence then, and they still crave it now. They understand independence as “freedom from…

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