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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Poker Economy — Part 2

Now, let us take this analogy one step further. The poker tournament is the economy, and the players contribute to it simply by playing, regardless of whether they win or lose. The people playing with real cash are business owners and the like, but ordinary workers don’t have that sort of money, so in order…

The Poker Economy — Part 1

What is wrong with capitalism? The short answer is nothing, or at most, very little. Virtually all the problems laid at the door of capitalism are actually due to finance. These problems include debt, depressions, and something called unemployment. To help you understand the nature of these problems and their solution, here is a perfect…

How Usury Creates War

In July, the Stop The War Coalition held a Zoom meeting in which its invited speakers blamed war on “Imperialism”. Topically but not surprisingly the British role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade had more than a little to do with it, and listeners were treated to a clown from the African Diaspora explaining how if…

Time To Rethink Economics (Part 2)

Job-creation is and always has been a massive priority of governments worldwide. In 2012, the World Bank claimed 600 million new jobs needed to be created over the next fifteen years. In this connection, here is a classic quote from 1933: “A war would be a great idea…Another war would give our three million unemployed…

Time To Rethink Economics (Part 1)

As of Thursday, some twenty-six and a half million people were said to be unemployed in the United States. Can this be true? How about no one is unemployed? No one. if that sounds an odd thing to say, here is something even weirder. The United States is threatening to ban the import of Saudi…

Andrew Yang — Right Message, Wrong Target (Part 2)

The solution for the funding of UBI is very simple, it should be paid out of newly created debt-free money. And when people hear this they cry instinctively “That would cause inflation”. No! Inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods. The people at the bottom of society: the underclass, the homeless,…

Andrew Yang — Right Message, Wrong Target (Part 1)

Although he has now withdrawn from the Presidential race, the charismatic Yang has been the first person  to bring Unconditional Basic Income firmly under the spotlight of mainstream American politics. Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton actually considered it in 2016, but why give ordinary people money when you can sell your soul to the rich and powerful,…
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