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Thursday, October 22, 2020

CEO Behind ‘Sputnik V’ Says US Waging “Major Information Warfare” Against Russian Vaccine

The global race among multiple nations to be the first to produce a coronavirus vaccine - especially the US, China, and Russia - has sparked not just competition to see who'll be first, but an information war in the wake of Moscow's announced breakthrough COVID-19 vaccine this week. The announcement of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, developed by Moscow's…

Behind China’s Takeover Of Hong Kong: The Pearl River Delta Megacity

By Mustafa Zaidi, Research Director at Clarmond Wealth As Hong Kong was being handed over in early July 1997, my old colleague and I began a series of short visits throughout the Pearl River Delta, from Macau to Shenzen to Canton; all rather sleepy spots relative to the towering buzz of Hong Kong. In Macau…

The Pseudo-Science Behind The Mysterious Assault On Hydroxychloroquine

Authored by Leo Goldstein via WattsUpWithThat.com, This is a research article published as information for health care professionals and public officials, and for an open peer review. It is not medical advice. Summary I reviewed the scientific literature on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin (AZ), and their use for COVID-19. My conclusions: HCQ-based treatments are effective in…

COVID-19 & The War On Cash: What Is Behind The Push For A Cashless...

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, Cash may well become a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic... As these COVID-19 lockdowns drag out, more and more individuals and businesses are going cashless (for convenience and in a so-called effort to avoid spreading coronavirus germs), engaging in online commerce or using digital forms of currency (bank cards,…

Is This What’s Behind Italy’s Outrageous 10% Mortality Rate From COVID-19?

Italy's 10% mortality rate has been one of the most disturbing mysteries of the global pandemic. Italy's mortality rate is roughly 20x Germany's (a relatively benign 0.4%), and many multiples of China's (roughly 2.5%) rate. As scientists puzzle over the reason, researchers have proposed a theory that's being vetted by peers: Italy's mild flu season…

The Math Behind Social Distancing

As we wait for scientists and healthcare professionals to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, there is another, more readily available tool at our disposal. Social distancing, defined as measures taken to reduce physical contact, is the first line of defense for containing an infectious disease like COVID-19. That’s because these infections spread when people cough,…

Is This The Company Behind The Bank of England Audio Leaks?

Last night we reported that The Bank of England disabled an audio feed of post-monetary policy decision press conferences after admitting an earlier report by the Times that it was used to give HFT traders, who were paying clients of an unnamed "third-party" feed supplier, a trading advantage, also known as frontrunning orderflow. The feed,…

What’s Behind Our World On Fire?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, When the wildfires of California broke out across the Golden State, many were the causes given. Negligence by campers. Falling power lines. Arson. A dried-out land. Climate change. Failure to manage forests, prune trees and clear debris, leaving fuel for blazes ignited. Abnormally high winds spreading the flames. Too…

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