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Detained Belarusian Journalist Appears Beaten In Confession Video, Father Says

Raman Pratasevich, a journalist aboard a passenger flight that was forcibly landed by the Belarusian authorities Monday, recorded a “confession” video message where he appeared to have been beaten. “I can say that I am not experiencing any health-related issues, including those with my heart or any other organs,” Pratasevich said in the video, dispelling…

NATO “bombards” Belarus and Russia from Poland

NATO-Russia relations are quite complicated now. The situation is not expected to improve in near future. NATO is building up its offensive capabilities year after year. The intensity and scale of NATO exercises permanently increase. At the same time, areas of the exercises are closer and closer to eastern borders. It is important to note…

Belarus Sends MiG Fighters To Divert Foreign Airliner, Arrests Anti-Lukashenko Journalist On Board

A bizarre and alarming incident which officials are calling unprecedented unfolded over the skies of Eastern Europe on Sunday. A Ryanair flight which had departed Athens and was en route to Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania - was forced to land in Belarus to allow state intelligence and security services to detain a journalist who's long…

The US, Russia And A Possible Coup In Belarus

The US, Russia And A Possible Coup In Belarus News Topic 126 Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly The ceremony was attended by the senators of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputies, members of the Government, the heads of the Constitutional and Supreme courts, regional governors, speakers of regional…

Russia & Belarus claim US-backed assassination & COUP against Lukashenko failed

Russia & Belarus claim US-backed assassination & COUP against Lukashenko failed The Duran: Episode 945 Russia & Belarus Say US-Backed “Assassination” & “Coup” Attempt Against Lukashenko Thwarted https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-belarus-say-us-backed-assassination-coup-attempt-against-lukashenko-thwarted Help us grow. Support The Duran on Patreon! The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily…

Why Russia & Belarus Are Not Irrational to Fear Another ‘Operation Barbarossa’

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture Russia and Belarus fear another blitz invasion — a modernized version of Germany’s infamous Operation Barbarossa — but this time coming from NATO (instead of only from Germany, as in 1940), and they are preparing their forces for it. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published a study,…

Belarus Police Use Stun Grenades On 100,000 Protesters Demanding President Resign

October 25, 2020 10:34 PM ET Over 100,000 protesters in Minsk, Belarus marched the capital demanding President Alexander Lukashenko’s resignation Sunday. Protesters set an ultimatum: either Lukashenko resigns by midnight, or there would be a national strike, according to Al Jazeera. Police arrived hours before the ultimatum expired. (RELATED: Lawyer For Opposition Leader Kolesnikova Reportedly…

EU betrays Greece & Cyprus. Merkel wins, sanctions on Belarus

The EU is a sophistic criminal alliance led by George Soros and Jeffrey Sachs. The purpose of the EU is to collect the peoples wealth and then give to it to financial institutions. The EU is a money laundering collective led by characterless people. As we have seen in London this ethic requires “thug” street…

EU turns itself into pretzel over Belarus & Turkey sanctions. Blames failure on Cyprus

Via Cyprus Mail (https://cyprus-mail.com/2020/09/23/christodoulides-cyprus-did-not-veto-eu-sanctions-on-belarus/)… Nicosia did not decide to veto an EU decision to impose sanctions against Belarus unless the bloc also took action against Turkey, Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides said on Wednesday. Cyprus did, however, insist that the agreement at foreign ministers’ level on the discussion of both issues be implemented, he said. Numerous…
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