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Bette Midler: ‘F**k You Trump,’ ‘You’ll Never Get Close’ to Joe Biden’s DNC Speech

Left-wing actress Bette Midler took to Twitter on Thursday night erupted, claiming that President Donald Trump will “never get close” to delivering a speech like the one Joe Biden did at the Democrat National Convention. “FUCK YOU, #TRUMP! You’ll never get close to that speech, you miserable toad!” wrote the Freak Show actress said on Thursday, following…

Hollywood Celebrities Perform Cheerleading Duty for DNC Convention: ‘I’m So Happy I’m a F**king...

Hollywood celebrities were on cheerleading duty for the first night of the Democratic National Convention, using their social media accounts to lift party spirits and whip up the enthusiasm for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Democratic stalwarts including Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Mia Farrow and Cher took the lead in attempting to energize the party…

Bette Midler Trump Meltdown: ‘HE WILL RULE YOU UNTIL HE DIES’

Left-wing actress Bette Midler had an all-caps Twitter meltdown against President Donald Trump, proclaiming that if he wins reelection in November “he will rule you until he dies, you die, or both.” “HE PINNED THIS,” said Midler of the president’s tweet. “YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE, DON’T YOU? IT’S NOT. HE MEANS IT.” “HE…

Delingpole: 2020 Is the Year We Storm the Green Barricades!

This is the year we storm the green barricades. If you don’t like the sound of that ‘we’, fine, I’ll take ’em on my own. But I suspect that quite a few of you feel as angry about this thing as I do. The Green Blob — aka the Climate Industrial Complex — is one…

Afternoon Mirror: Journo Says You’re ‘Too Online’ If You’re Not Siding With WaPo’s ‘Impeachmas’...

Quote of the Day: “I have a root canal today. That will be nothing compared to having to listen to [GOP Rep.] Collins’ voice all day yesterday.”  — Jeff Jarvis, journalism professor, Craig Newmark J-School, writes BuzzMachine blog. Where was Slate‘s Ashley Feinberg when President Trump got impeached?  “Can’t wait to tell my grandkids where…

Bette Midler Decries ‘Much Less Classy’ Discourse After Calling Black Trump Supporters Props, Fantasizing...

Actress and left-wing activist Bette Midler lamented the current state of political discourse – saying that “it feels as though we are all much less classy” and noting that “shame has gone missing” – but completely ignored the fact that she has been a leader of launching vicious attacks against President Donald Trump, his family,…

Bette Midler Still Allowed On Twitter After SECOND Call For Violence Against Rand Paul

Bette Midler, who is apparently famous for something in Hollywood, though this reporter knows not what for, and doesn’t believe it to be relevant to this story, is still active on Twitter after a second attack lauding violence against a sitting U.S. senator. “I DO NOT promote violence but… Rand Paul says the Kurds are…

Bette Midler Defends Scaramucci: We All Know Trump Is a ‘Racist, White Supremacist Nutjob’

Far-left actress Bette Midler defended former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Sunday, stating that “we are all experts on Donald Trump” and describing the president as a “racist, white supremacist nutjob.” Midler’s rant follows the former Wall Street financier’s series of criticisms of Trump. “AFTER TWO YEARS, WE ARE ALL EXPERTS ON DONALD TRUMP!!!”…

Bette Midler Declares Herself 2020 ‘Write-In Candidate’

Far-left actress and Broadway star Bette Midler has billed herself as a 2020 “write-in candidate,” suggesting she is not happy with the current crop of Democratic candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election. In her Twitter bio, the Broadway singer uses the tagline: “Write-in candidate 2020! #BeBette.”  The use…

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