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Sunday, April 18, 2021
biden-to-announce-afghanistan troop-exit-“hard-deadline”-by-sept-11

Biden To Announce Afghanistan Troop Exit “Hard Deadline” By Sept 11

A report in The Washington Post has revealed that Biden plans to make a major announcement on Wednesday related to a full and final troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. A senior administration official was cited as saying the president will announce a full US troop exit from America's longest war in history, scheduled to be accomplished prior to the…

‘Is Biden Really In Charge?’ Asks A Skeptical Sen. Cornyn

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) asked on Monday if Joe Biden is "really in charge," based on the President's much lower profile than his predecessors, and obviously scripted appearances.In a Twitter thread citing a recent Politico article, Cornyn tweeted: "The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when…

Biden Calls For ‘Peaceful Protest’ Following Police Shooting Of Black Man In Minneapolis Suburb

Update (1520ET): President Biden weighed in on Monday to the shooting death of a black man in a Minneapolis suburb, after the police chief said he believed the officer involved accidentally used a gun instead of a taser."I think we've got to wait and see what the investigation shows. The entire investigation. You've all watched,…

TASS: Chinese Foreign Ministry demands US explain Ukraine biolabs [Video]

This is a translation of a piece run by the Russian TASS News Agency. It is not likely that the American press is covering it, so we bring it to you. The attached videos are for the benefit of any viewers that speak Russian or Ukrainian fluently, but, curiously, the “AutoTranslate” feature common to YouTube…

Gun Control Activist David Chipman To Be Nominated By Biden As New ATF Director

Haley Kennington Posted On April 9, 2021 The Associated Press, along with Washington Post recently reported that David Chipman, former member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and Senior Policy Advisor for the gun control group Giffords, is set to be nominated by President Joe Biden as director of the Justice Department’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and…

Biden flip-flops of Masters Golf Tournament and Georgia

Biden flip-flops of Masters Golf Tournament and Georgia ****News Topic 362***** Joe Biden attempts dangerous feat of intellectual acrobatics when asked if Masters Tournament should stay in Georgia, among the ‘new Jim Crow laws’ Joe Biden attempts dangerous feat of intellectual acrobatics when asked if Masters Tournament should stay in Georgia, among the ‘new Jim…

Yemeni Islamic Terrorists Caught Trying To Cross U.S. Border, Biden Forces CBP To Cover...

After Customs and Border Patrol announced on Monday that they had apprehended two Yemini men at the US southern border as being on both the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List as well as the No-Fly List, CBP issued a press release, but then quickly deleted it. The press release lays out many of the details of…

Border Wall may be completed by… Biden? [Video]

This is a breaking story from Dr. Steve Turley, suggesting that the wall construction which Joe “Imposter” Biden stopped may indeed be resuming as a measure to deal with the massive surge in illegal immigration that started when it became known that this feeble pushover was going to be living in the White House. Let’s…

Facebook Allowing Human Smugglers to Connect With Migrants, Offer False Hope of Freedom

Facebook has often been ridiculed for allowing domestic terrorist groups like Antifa to rally, organize, and promote events on their platform. With the migrant crisis at the Southern border, human traffickers have found a way to use the platform to falsely sell hope and freedom to illegal immigrants who are seeking to take advantage of…

Biden Says Infrastructure Plan Vital To Keeping Pace With China

Update (1430ET): Biden tried to sell his infrastructure plan as critical to keeping the US competitive against China, and is overdue after decades of under-investment in infrastructure. "It’s a once-in-a generation investment in America," Biden said. "It is a the single largest investment in American jobs since World War II," he said.He also once again…

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