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Monday, August 2, 2021

Dr Fauci maintains innocence, but the noose is tightening [Video]

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a Washington, D.C. insider for many years. Wikipedia has a glowing entry about him, amazingly devoid of the controversy the man is currently in as his known support for gain-of-function research on viruses has come back to bite him hard with COVID-19’s rampage around the world. This of course is…

Senator John Kennedy puts it straight – Biden wants open borders [Video]

Sometimes the news really is simple. This is one such case. Actions speak with great power. Imposter Joe Biden’s actions proclaim to the world that the United States, in his view, has no right to its sovereign borders. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is perhaps one of the most clever men in that legislative body. He has…

Consensus builds on notion of removing Biden from office [Video]

Could what was prophesied by some of our pundits (even me) actually come to pass? Will Joe Biden be removed from office due to cognitive inability to function? (Spoiler Alert: I don’t think we are even close to this point – Imposter Biden is too useful) It is a commonly used trope for conservative pundits…

Statists jab your kids in secret in DC while Soros and Gates buy COVID...

This headline / subheadline pair certainly do read like the Mother of all Conspiracy Theories. Two foul tastes that together may lead to subservience of billions of people, and the elimination of those pesky Christians… right? As such an evil conspiracy is clearly beyond the reaches of reality, then, one must dismiss this piece out…

Roman Catholic bishop puts God first, denies Communion to Democrat [Video]

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Biden Downplays Inflation, Predicts Businesses Will Be In ‘Bind’ Over Labor Shortages, Then Has...

President Joe Biden waved off long-term inflation concerns on Wednesday, telling a CNN town hall in Cincinnati that it won't persist as the economy emerges from the pandemic."There will be near-term inflation" because the economy is recovering, he said, adding that 'most economists' think "it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to be long-term inflation that’s…

Biden Backtracks On Facebook “Killing People” As Fauci Urges Americans To Listen To “Trusted...

As analysts blamed the delta variant for Monday's market ructions, Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview that the variant is increasingly becoming the "dominant" strain in the US, while he continued to share data about the efficacy of American-made vaccines despite the growing evidence that the efficacy they provide against Delta is much lower…

Top Biden Officials Now Embracing COVID Lab-Leak Theory

Senior Biden administration officials in charge of investigating the origins of the pandemic now believe the accidental lab-leak theory is at least as credible as the possibility that it emerged in the wild, in what CNN describes as a "dramatic shift from a year ago, when Democrats publicly downplayed the so-called lab leak theory."And while…

White House openly collaborating with Facebook to censor free speech [Video]

This is outrageous, and also clever, since Congress made no laws concerning the freedom of the press by Seraphim Hanisch July 17, 2021 275 Views 5 Votes 2 Comments The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, openly declared that the Chief Executive’s office is collaborating with Facebook to censor COVID-19 dissenters on that…

U.S. leaves Afghanistan. What’s next?

Helga I. Fellay July 18, 2021 The stupidity of those controlling the US is mind-boggling. This reminds me of the Vietnam war, more than half a century ago. Vietnam was a French colony, and the French were forced to pull out after realizing that they could no longer control or defeat a rebelling Vietnam any…
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