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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Biden’s Green Energy Push Sparks Surge In Global Cooking Oil Prices

Global food prices are surging, and the timing couldn't be worse. From Rabobank's Michael Every and Michael Magdovitz to everyone's favorite permabear, SocGen's Albert Edwards, both point out that food prices worldwide are quickly rising and overwhelmingly agree the Federal Reserve is exacerbating the problem. Readers got a taste of the developing food crisis in Rabobank's note titled "On The Verge Of A…

Biden’s Gun Control Plan Would Cost Gun Owners $34 Billion In Taxes

Submitted by Joseph Jankowski of Planet Free Will Under Joe Biden’s proposed gun control plan, American gun owners would cough up tens of billions dollars in taxes as millions of rifles and magazines now in their possession would be subject to a tax under the National Firearms Act. The center piece of Biden’s gun plan…

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Idiotic And Immoral

Authored by Josh Hammer via The Epoch Times, Higher education might be the most pressing domestic issue confronting America today. As currently structured and carried out, higher education is a blight upon the nation—an affirmative hindrance to our efforts in aiding human flourishing and securing the common good. It is possible that no propagated belief in modern…

Biden’s Cancer Charity Took In Millions, Spent Big On Salaries But Nothing On Research

Authored by Matt Margolis via PJMedia.com, Fake charities are not just for the Clintons, it seems, as a report from the New York Post reveals that a cancer charity started by former Vice-President Joe Biden spent most of the millions it raised on salaries, but gave out no grants in its first two years. The mission of the Biden…

Before The Bidens “Did” Ukraine, There Was Iraq… And Serbia

Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The United States approaches the November 2020 election with growing apprehension, even dread. Among the possibilities: Protracted uncertainty about the presidential contest. Think Florida 2000 but with several states’ results unresolved for weeks or even months (“Experts held ‘war games’ on the Trump vs. Biden…

Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Abruptly Quits After ‘Father-Of-The-Year’ Blows Off Child Support Hearing

Hunter Biden's lawyer abruptly quit on Monday after the former Vice President's son and Ukraine energy expert failed to show up for a child support hearing regarding his out-of-wedlock child with a D.C. stripper from Arkansas. According to the Daily Mail, lawyer Dustin McDaniel - the former Attorney General for Arkansas, filed a motion to…

Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Imploding

Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog, Ever since he announced that he was running for president, Joe Biden has been the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. And the good news for the Biden campaign is that he is still leading in most major national polls. But the bad news is…
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