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BREAKING: Twitter Suspends Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene On Easter

Laura Loomer Posted On April 4, 2021 Twitter has suspended Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Easter Sunday of all days, for twelve hours. Congresswoman Greene told Illoominate Media she wasn’t given a reason for the suspension, but her last tweet was “He is Risen”. Twitter has been accused of anti-Christian bias in the past, and…

Biden Schedules First Press Conference At Same Exact Time as Big Tech Hearing on...

You know what they say… There’s no such thing as coincidences! Today on Capitol Hill, two important meetings took place… at the same exact time. The first Presidential press conference of the Joe Biden administration and a Big Tech hearing in the US Congress before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The timing and planning…

Twitter Wants User’s Input on How Their Rules Apply to World Leaders, But Why...

Twitter is now asking for the public’s input on “whether or not they believe world leaders should be subject to the same rules as others on Twitter.” Curious, since Twitter has never asked for the public’s opinion on banning anyone from the site, including after they banned the sitting President of the United States, Donald…

Poll: 81% of Americans Believe Big Tech Should Be Broken Up

In 2021 American’s don’t agree on much. However, there is an all but universal nod to the fact that Big Tech has become far too powerful and needs to be broken up. While some Americans are directly feeling Big Tech’s reign in their livelihoods and pocketbooks, others feel it by means of censorship or being…

The Fight Against Big Tech Censorship Is Gaining Traction in State Legislatures

A number of bills have been rolled out recently which aim to hold social media companies accountable for censoring and banning accounts that lean heavily right of center politically. Of these proposed bills, most are centered around Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which states: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service…

Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Tells Tucker Carlson: ‘Democrats Are ‘In An Embrace With...

Haley Kennington Posted On March 18, 2021 Wednesday evening, author and former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss her most recent suspension from Twitter (one of two) and described the censorship being seen on social media platforms to that of what one might see in China from the Chinese…

CALL TO ACTION: Here’s How You Can Help Get FL’s Big Tech Censorship Bill...

Laura Loomer Posted On March 18, 2021 URGENT AND TIMELY As you have heard from me, The Florida House of Representatives is considering a bill titled Transparency In Technology Act, HB 7013. This bill was first discussed by Governor DeSantis as a way to stop the deplatforming of candidates and egregious political censorship of Floridians…

Laura Loomer Testifies About Big Tech Censorship Bill At Florida State Capitol

Laura Loomer Posted On March 18, 2021 On Monday March 15, 2021, I testified in front of the Florida House Appropriations Committee at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee to speak about House Bill 7013, titled “Transparency In Technology Act”. If this legislation is crafted effectively, if it passes in the Florida House and Senate,…

An Update On Laura Loomer’s Supreme Court Anti-Trust Big-Tech Lawsuit

Laura Loomer Posted On March 15, 2021 As many of you know, in 2018 alongside Freedom Watch and Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch, I filed an Anti-Trust lawsuit against the Big Tech Giants Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. The Supreme Court is now considering hearing my landmark free speech lawsuit against these tech…

EXCLUSIVE: The Flaws and Loopholes in Florida’s Proposed Big Tech Legislation

There’s a trend spreading in state legislatures around the nation to combat Big Tech Censorship. And it all started with “Loomer’s Law” that was originally proposed in the Florida House of Representatives by Florida GOP Chairman and Florida State Senator Joe Gruters in 2020. The original legislation was also strongly supported by FL State Representatives…

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