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Friday, May 29, 2020

$3.5 Billion Has Flowed From U.S. Taxpayers To The World Health Organization Since 2010

Submitted by Adam Andrzejewski, first published in Forbes With his recent vow to halt and reassess all aid to the World Health Organization (WHO), President Trump legitimized critics who allege that the agency shielded information from the world about the lethality of the coronavirus and its ability to spread by human-to-human contact. The WHO delegation…

Buffett Lost $90 Billion By Not Following His Own Advice

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Every year, investors anxiously await the release of Warren Buffett’s annual letter to see what the “Oracle of Omaha” has to say about the markets, economy, and where he is placing his money. Before we blindly heed Buffett’s advice we must factor in that he has long been a source of…

The $60 Billion Puke: Here Comes The Systematic Selling… And Watch The Russell 2000

When we commented on the dramatic reversal in market positioning as a result of yesterday's market plunge, we said that in addition to the sudden lack of dealer gamma, much of which vaporized after Friday's, OpEx, and which had provided a buffer to any substantial selloff pressure... ... the next big catalyst was whether or…

The Fed Just Monetized $6.4 Billion In Debt Sold Earlier This Week

Yesterday, when looking at the details of the Fed's ongoing QE4, we pointed out that the New York Fed was now actively purchasing T-Bills that had been issued just days earlier by the US Treasury, and which settled the day of the permanent open market operation, or POMO. As a reminder, the Fed is prohibited…

$3 Billion, 300-Acre MegaCity Envisioned For California’s Record Homeless… But There’s A Twist

Ask any San Franciscan what the state of California has an excess of and the most likely answer will be homeless people (and their excrement, especially with the liberal mecca recording as many as 16,000 "feces complaints" in one week ). Actually, ask just about anyone and the answer will be the same: after all…

$38 Billion In 3Y Treasuries Sell At Lowest Yield Since Nov 2016

A new week of coupon auctions has started with the Treasury selling $38 billion in 3Y paper stopping out at a high yield of 1.4130%, which while tailing the When Issued 1.409% by 0.4bps, was the lowest 3Y yield since November 2016 and below last month's 1.573% as short end yields have resumed collapsing amid…

A Dive Into WeWork’s $3.3 Billion In CMBS Exposure

Authored by Manus Clancy & Catherline Liu, follow up to "Here Are The Billions Of Loans Exposed To A Potential WeWork Bankruptcy" Worrisome news surrounding WeWork continues to stream in after the co-working giant’s recent IPO postponement, with the firm’s roster of high-profile staff departures growing by the day and S&P executing a downgrade of…

2 Letters; $20 Billion Lost

Submitted by Adventures in Capitalism Over the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about the psyche of the typical Ponzi Sector investor. You see, Ponzi sector investors will ignore most red flags, even at a company like WeWork, with more red flags than a Soviet May Day parade; Super-voting stock – Zuck did that…

More Than 1 Billion Euros Of Cocaine Seized In Record German Bust

Less than two months after roughly $1.3 billion worth of cocaine (18,000 kilos) was seized from the MSC Gayane container ship at a Philadelphia port on June 17 after stops in the entire drug belt including Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama and the Bahamas - with the subsequent news that the ship belonged to JPMorgan not…

The $3.8 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Sprang A Leak

It triggered embarrassing headlines across the globe late last week and over the weekend: "Britain's new multi-billion aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was forced to cut short sea trials this week after springing a leak," reported CNN. It was the "future flagship" of the Royal Navy's fleet, and embarked from Portsmouth for sea trials last…

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