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Sunday, September 19, 2021

CEO Of $2 Billion Startup Fired For “Microdosing” On LSD At Work

Psychedelic drugs have been a hot topic in the financial press this week. Between the hallucinatory experiences of a German billionaire, and the market debut of 'magic mushroom' company MindMed eliciting talk of a "shroom boom", most of that coverage has been refreshingly positive. But that changed Tuesday morning when Bloomberg reported that the CEO…

$100 Billion Has Rotated Back To Value Investing, And More Could Be Coming

Heading out of the Covid era, it looks as though value investing is officially back. $100 billion has poured back into the investments that were once left for dead, as investors either "broaden the bull market", to borrow Cathie Wood's term from several days ago, or just become more risk adverse and head out of…

A Billion Unsold Room-Nights And “It’s Going To Get Worse” As America’s Hotel Occupancy...

A solid recovery in the hotel industry is years away as travel and tourism will likely remain suppressed well into 2021 as cities across the US have reinstated some form of coronavirus restrictions to mitigate the spread. As COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths soar, along with a new mutation of the virus spreading in Europe, Americans…

$15 Billion In Federal Funding Flows Into Just Five Major U.S. Cities Where Civil...

Submitted by Adam Andrzejewski, After the George Floyd protests broke out across major U.S. cities, some mayors and police chiefs were accused of issuing stand-down orders to their police officers. Nightly news streamed video footage of the looting, rioting, and general mayhem that ensued in the absence of a civil order. “Autonomous zones” sprung up…

Bernie Sanders Just Proposed A Tax That Would Instantly Cost Bezos $42.8 Billion And...

Nothing says liberty and equality quite like swooping in and passing a piece of legislation that instantly absconds with the wealth of America's most successful businessmen.  But that's the vision that Bernie Sanders has for America. Apparently unaware that taxation is no longer necessary, as the Fed can now solve the country's money problems with…

ESPN Has Nearly $1 Billion In Ad Revenue Hanging In The Balance Of College...

Disney's ESPN has almost $1 billion in ads hinging on whether or not college football season is going to happen this year. The only question now is whether or not the season is going to take place. ESPN owns two conference networks and has deals to televise every major bowl game. The network also owns many…

$650 Billion Facebook To Cut Pay Of Remote Workers Moving To Lower Cost-Of-Living Areas

Want to work at home? It's going to cost you... While the headline this week was mostly that Facebook is encouraging its workers to stay home and that CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted more than 50% of the company's employees could be working from home within the next 5 to 10 years, another headline slipped through…

992 Billion Reasons Why The Fed Needs Another Market Crash In The Next Few...

Speaking in a video conference organized by the Peterson Institute, turbo money printer Jerome Powell today reassured the market that negative rates are not something the Fed - which expanded its balance sheet by $2.6 trillion in the past two months - is contemplating now. Of course, that will change after the next market crash…

$3.5 Billion Has Flowed From U.S. Taxpayers To The World Health Organization Since 2010

Submitted by Adam Andrzejewski, first published in Forbes With his recent vow to halt and reassess all aid to the World Health Organization (WHO), President Trump legitimized critics who allege that the agency shielded information from the world about the lethality of the coronavirus and its ability to spread by human-to-human contact. The WHO delegation…

Buffett Lost $90 Billion By Not Following His Own Advice

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Every year, investors anxiously await the release of Warren Buffett’s annual letter to see what the “Oracle of Omaha” has to say about the markets, economy, and where he is placing his money. Before we blindly heed Buffett’s advice we must factor in that he has long been a source of…
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