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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Billionaire Novogratz Warns “Frenzied Market Bubble” Will Pop If Biden Wins

Just days after bond king Jeffery Gundlach steamrolled over the widespread consensus that Biden will defeat Trump in the upcoming presidential election, doubling down on his contrarian bet that Trump will win a second term on November 3 (as he correctly predicted would happen in 2016 over the chorus of an army of so-called experts,…

“Let Them Fail” – Billionaire Explains To Gobsmacked CNBC Host How Capitalism Is Supposed...

With millions of Americans sitting at home working on their laptops, the passive viewership of cable news channels like CNBC must be waaaay up this month, as finance nerds welcome normies to the strange and often hilarious world of live markets news. In terms of drama, CNBC is usually pretty staid. But every once in…

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Officially Enters Run For President As A Democrat

Will Bloomberg get "Schultz'd"? Having earlier this year said he would not run for president, and following his registration for the Alabama primary, billionaire Mike Bloomberg has just "made it official" by filing the paperwork with FEC to register as a presidential candidate as a Democrat. As we detailed previously, the NYT warned that ,…

“I Care” – Emotional Billionaire Cooperman Breaks Out In Tears Over American Political Divide

Just a few short days since Leon Cooperman took Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren to task over her policies that will destroy the American Dream: “But this is the f---ing American dream she is s----ing on.” The hedge fund manager agreed to a lengthy interview with CNBC. It was wide-ranging and pushed the billionaire to…

Billionaire Cooperman Blasts Warren For “Sh*tting On The Fu**ing American Dream”

Earlier, we questioned the market's resilience in the face of a possible "hard left turn" in the politics of America, as Elizabeth Warren dominates the odds of getting the Democratic nomination... Source: Bloomberg This follows comments by billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman  slamming Warren's policies, saying they were counter-productive and 'negative for capitalism'. "Her…

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Paul Singer Hedges Against Upcoming Market Crash

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is the founder & CEO of Elliott Management. Singer is preparing to raise additional funds from investors to build up a war chest of cash to spend on new opportunities, as he anticipates a market downturn could be imminent, reported the Financial Times.  Elliott Management, a $38.3 billion activist fund,…

Democratic Billionaire Steyer Blows $325,000 A Day On Ads, Gets Nothing In Return

Oh the irony... Tom Steyer, billionaire Trump-impeachment-pusher, has spent a stunning $12 million on digital and television ads in only six weeks - more than any other Democratic presidential candidate has spent all year - to drive his agenda for getting money out of politics. “I am the outsider in this race,” Mr. Steyer said…
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