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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Michael Saylor What Can THREATEN Bitcoin and What Can’t

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Bitcoin & Big-Tech Bounce As Bullard Banter Batters Bonds, Bullion, & Black Gold

Follow The World and The IMF slashing global growth outlooks, threats of 75bps-hikes from St.Louis Fed President Jim Bullard spooked some markets today while others gave zero shits and were panic-bid.“First of all, that one was successful, and did set up the U.S. economy for a stellar second half of the 1990s, one of the…

“The Bitcoin Standard” Exposes The Hidden Costs Of Fiat

Authored by Archie Chaudhury via BitcoinMagazine.com,Dr. Saifedean Ammous, author of “The Bitcoin Standard,” explained how fiat has hidden costs and why Bitcoin represents the next generation of money...Detractors of Bitcoin often point to its costs - namely in the form of electricity used in proof-of-work mining and its perceived impact on the environment - as…

Bitcoin, Bullion, Big-Tech, & Bond Yields Rise As Crude Crumbles

Some early hope-filled reports of "careful optimism" about a ceasefire - which were entirely ignored by anyone in Brussels, from NATO or the G-7, ignited momentum right in time and lifted stocks today, Led by growthy-stuff (Nasdaq), it appears the 'QE trade' is back on as traders look through the imminent recession and bathe in…

Bitcoin & Stocks Dump’n’Pump As Rising Rate-Hike Odds Crush Credit

Short-term interest-rate (STIR) markets are now pricing in a 40% plus chance of a 6th rate-hike by year-end and a 35% chance of 50bps surprise hike in March...Source: BloombergAnd a hot CPI print this week could send that March hike probability soaring. If NFIB data is anything to go by, it will be a shitshow...Source:…

Bitcoin & Bullion Surge, Stocks Purge, As EU Credit Crisis Risk Re-Emerges

The biggest headlines of the day - apart from Joe-Rogan-related ones - came out of Europe as sovereign yield spreads starting act a lot like 2011 as the market fears facing reality of an ECB that is about to turn off the free-money spigot.Source: BloombergAs the yield-spreads blow out wider, so the risk of an…

Patrick McHenry: Anti-China Bill Does Nothing to Combat China, Democrats ‘Desperate for a Win’

Wang Ye/Xinhua via AP House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Patrick McHenry said in a statement on Wednesday that the House Democrats’ anti-China bill would do nothing to combat the “rise” of China and that Democrats are “desperate” for a victory as their legislative agenda has stalled. House Democrats released their vision aimed at helping…

Bitcoin, Breakevens, & Big-Tech Breakdown As Inflation Batters Bond Bears

With a non-stop barrage of hawkish FedSpeak today, following record high PPI, no one should be surprised that stonks shit the bed as the realization dawns that any Powell Put is struck considerably lower than this and the game of chicken continues. Nasdaq wasa clubbed like a baby seal today, down over 2.5% (from up…

Bitcoin, Bonds, Big-Tech, & Bullion Bid On Powell’s ‘Goldilocks’ Testimony

Who could have seen that coming?Powell aggressively talked back the Dec Fed meeting's initial hawkish market take. He will do the same today in the Senate after last week's minutes — zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 11, 2022As we suspected, Powell's hearing delivered a not-too-hot, not-too-cold, just right temperature mix of virtue-signaling and monetary policy promises, which…

Bitcoin & Bonds Battered, Tech Tumbles, As COVID Cases Hit Record

Bitcoin & bonds stole the market headlines today along with COVID (Omicold) cases soaring and deaths tumbling as Europe came back to work from the Xmas break...Cryptos started their decline in Asia (again) and the US session dragged it down further...Source: BloombergBitcoin tumbled back below $50k...Source: BloombergBut the drop stopped at the 200DMA, where it…
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