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Friday, January 17, 2020

Bitcoin ATM Firm Partners With Largest Shopping Mall Operator In US

Authored by Adrian Zmudzinski via CoinTelegraph.com, Miami-based Bitcoin automatic teller machines (ATM) firm Bitstop has partnered with the largest shopping mall operator in the United States, Simon Malls, to install Bitcoin ATMs at several locations.  image courtesy of CoinTelegraph BitStop announced on Nov. 26 that the firm has already installed Bitcoin ATMs at five Simon Malls locations…

Bitcoin Fixes This: PayPal Cuts Payouts To Over 100,000 Pornhub ‘Models’

Authored by William Suberg via CoinTelegraph.com, Bitcoin is being championed as the solution to a new payment crisis affecting the adult entertainment website Pornhub. In a blog post on Nov. 14, Pornhub revealed that payment processor PayPal had abruptly stopped servicing its models.  image courtesy of CoinTelegraph Pornhub hits out at attack on “livelihoods” Previously, models throughout the world…

Bitcoin Jumps Back Above $9,000 As Bobby Lee Forecasts “Flippening” Of Gold By 2028

Crytpos have taken a leg higher in recent hours, led by a jump in Litecoin... Source: Bloomberg With Bitcoin erasing Friday's plunge, back above $9,000... Source: Bloomberg But, as CoinTelegraph's William Suberg reports, Bitcoin is set to go much higher as well-known industry figure Bobby Lee expects it to surpass the market cap of gold and could ultimately be…

Bitcoin Will Free The World “From The Mercy Of Dictators”, Billionaire VC Tim Draper

Authored by Tim Draper via Medium.com, The Startup Government Preface. Tribalism to globalism. The Startup Religion. We have a particularly diverse student body at Draper University, and in the program, the students are asked to do challenging projects in teams. As a result, they build extraordinarily tight bonds with each other. Most of them overcome…

Day Trading Bitcoin: Why 95% Of Traders Lose Money And Fail

Authored by Scott Melker via CoinTelegraph.com, Almost all traders are aware of the widely publicized statistic that “95% of traders lose money.” When you drill deeper, research implies that this number is likely higher. The profession chews up and spits out aspiring traders at an astounding rate.  So why are so many intelligent people drawn…

North Korea Building Cryptocurrency to Combat U.S. Sanctions

According to a Thursday VICE story, the North Korean regime is building its very own cryptocurrency in order to circumvent U.S. sanctions which have leveled its economy. “Pyongyang has long shown an interest in cryptocurrencies, with the country recently bringing together homegrown experts with foreign companies at its first-ever blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in April,”…

Is “Bitcoin Thursday” Coming?

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Bitcoin has been consolidating for months. Generally, and technically speaking, this suggests a big move is coming. I have no position in Bitcoin and I doubt that changes although I do not rule out a token amount in certain circumstances. That said, I do find the technology fascinating and…

Bitcoin Is A Hedge Against Gov’t “Fiscal Irresponsibility”, Analyst

Authored by Marie Huillet via CoinTelegraph.com, Equities portfolio manager turned crypto fund executive Travis Kling has argued that Bitcoin has come into its own as a unique hedge within the current macroeconomic climate. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph In an interview with CNN on Sept. 15, Kling argued that the specific properties of Bitcoin make it an exceptional…

Bitcoin Better Than “Military-Backed”-USDollar, Rapper Akon Says

Authored by Marie Huillet via CoinTelegraph, Grammy award-winning music artist Akon has rebuffed Bitcoin naysayers who claim that the asset lacks intrinsic value. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph In a radio interview published on Sept. 10, Akon lambasted the perception that fiat currencies are any less vulnerable to this same critique, arguing that: “Nothing backs the dollar. The…

Bitcoin Is A Truth Machine, Says Gold Bullion International Co-Founder

Authored by Adrian Zmudzinksi via CoinTelegraph.com, Gold Bullion International co-founder Dan Tapiero analyzed Bitcoin’s value as a truth machine. image courtesy of CopinTelegraph Tapero made his regards during an interview with business news outlet AlphaWeek published on Sept. 10. He said: “What it is is an invention, and I think it should be referred to as an…

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