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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Black Billionaire Who Paid Off Morehouse Graduates’ Loans Under Investigation By IRS

Black billionaire Robert Smith who, along with Floyd Mayweather and Tyler Perry, paid for George Floyd's extravagant funeral, and who - most famously - once promised to pay off the student loans for an entire class of Morehouse College students at the close of his speech, is fighting a criminal tax inquiry, Bloomberg reports. The…

Flashback: CNN’s Don Lemon Asks If Kamala Harris Is ‘African American’

Former Vice President Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate on Tuesday, reigniting public debate over her ethnicity. The Democratic National Committee called her “Black” and “Asian American.” But it also called her “African American.” .@KamalaHarris is the third woman in American history to hold the vice presidential nomination on a major…

Black Lives Matter: An Immodest Suggestion

Authored by MN Gordon via EconomicPrism.com, We don’t like it.  But we won’t deny it.  America’s buried itself under an immense pile of public debt over the last 40 years. Time to grab a shovel and some gloves.  There’s plenty of digging out to do.  There’s also plenty of opportunity in doing it.  We’ll have…

Tucker shows murder charge nonsense in Rayshard killing [Video]

The (white) officer who shot and killed (black) Rayshard Brooks is now up on murder charges for shooting and killing him. But this charge is completely unfounded. Tucker Carlson showed a much fuller account of the situation, and when viewed in context, it becomes immediately clear how utterly politically charged the murder rap is, as well…

Man resists arrest, goes for cop’s gun – and it is the Police’s fault?...

A black man was shot three times and killed by white police officers in Atlanta on Saturday. This sparked riots in the city when news about it was broadcast. No doubt for the next few days, Atlanta and now maybe other southern US cities will get a new wave of violence. Police departments may abdicate…

What does Black Lives Matter REALLY stand for?

For those who may be equivocating about Black Lives Matter and the Antifa riots and demonstrations, a very interesting point came to out attention today. Someone went and actually looked and read the BLM website to find out what they themselves say they are all about. My priest was told about this, and he told me,…

So, how does President Trump REALLY relate to blacks? Watch! [Video]

The mainstream media would have us believe that all black leaders are in the tank against President Trump; that he is a rube and completely insensitive to the needs of the black community. Fine. They can report that way if they want to. However, the American president simply takes action and has done so, enough…

Compare Martin Luther King’s dream to Antifa’s reality [Audio]

The riots and demonstrations by Antifa and Black Lives Matter are certainly a dominant theme in today’s news. The alleged aggression against people of color has, if one trusts the media, created an image of a galvanized and very angry people who have been woefully treated for far, far too long. Martin Luther King’s descendants…

Barack Obama and the disintegration of family [Video]

Prager University is a sharp, conservative school, presenting truth-tellers from everywhere for its videos. This video features Larry Elder, who discusses the present charade of “anti-racism” rioting and describes what the real problem is. As the viewer will see, the professional agitators of Antifa are very good at intimidating even the young into submission to…

Black Gun Ownership Soars As Nation’s Inner Cities Burn 

As radical leftists attempt to create a utopian "police-free future" society and defund law enforcement across the country, terrified African Americans interested in buying guns have soared in the age of social unrest.  The conversation about gun ownership among black folks emerged in early May when five armed men escorted African American State Representative Sarah Anthony from the Michigan State Capitol building following armed pro-Trump protesters gathered in…

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