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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head After D.C. Rally

A group of leftist protesters attacked numerous Trump supporters who had finished taking part in a rally on the streets of Washington, DC, on Saturday. In one of the most graphic attacks, a man who tried to fight off an attack is hit from behind while at least two women kick and stomp his head.…

WATCH: BLM Protesters Harass Restaurant Patrons During Michigan Protest

Black Lives Matter protesters marched through a group of restaurant patrons in Ann Arbor, Michigan Sunday night. Protesters shouted “Out of the restaurants and into the streets,” at diners seated at sidewalk tables. Video tweeted by journalist Brendan Gutenschwager posted a video showing a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Ann Arbor harassed restaurant…

WATCH: BLM Shouts ‘Burn it Down’ During DC March

During a protest march to Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., BLM members shout “Burn it down.”  Members wore all black and carried umbrellas for protection from police crowd dispersal munitions. “Burn it down,” BLM members shouted as they marched through the streets of DC. The group headed to Black Lives Matter Plaza near…

BLM Demands Allegiance from Shoppers, Diners in Affluent Suburb

BLM invaded Lake Oswego, Oregon, on Sunday and demanded allegiance from suburban shoppers and diners who were on the streets. Protestors march through one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Portland metro area pic.twitter.com/MWzWmT9o3V — Sergio Olmos (@MrOlmos) October 25, 2020 The city of approximately 40,000 is situated eight miles south of Portland. It surrounds…

WATCH: BLM Activists Assault Woman, Damage Cars in California Protest

An anti-police protester attacked a woman in her car while another man scratched her car with a key, according to a video posted on Twitter. In a second video, another vehicle is keyed as the driver attempts to pull away from the protesters in San Bernardino, California. Protesters blocked traffic in San Bernardino and vandalized…

Police Warn of Escalation of Force as Wisconsin Protests Continue

Protests continue in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and 28 arrests have been made. The Police Department warns they are seeing the force escalate. This is the fourth night of protests after a grand jury declined to indict the police officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Alvin Cole. The Associated Press reports police used tear gas and arrested 28…

BLM Marches Down Florida Sidewalks Crowded with Kids

Demonstrators took to the streets in Florida on Saturday marching through sidewalks crowded with children and diners. The protesters chanted “No justice no peace.” The recent protests have been widely shared on social media following an incident in St. Petersburg, Florida, where protesters surrounded a couple who were dining. Protesters even threatened to punch one…

Latest poll shows support for BLM cratering

in Latest, Video by Alex Christoforou September 27, 2020 250 Views 10 Votes 2 Comments *****News Topic 46***** 15 Point Swing: Most Americans Now Hostile to Black Lives MatterSupport for BLM is a losing election issue. https://summit.news/2020/09/25/15-point-swing-most-americans-now-hostile-to-black-lives-matter/ 5 3 votes Article Rating Help us grow. Support The Duran on Patreon! Report The statements, views and…

‘We Are Going to War:’ Some Armed Protesters Gather in Louisville Days After Officers...

Louisville, Kentucky, police clashed with hundreds of protesters, some armed, participating in a “peaceful” gathering deemed unlawful by authorities, who dispersed the crowd two hours before the 9 p.m. curfew went into effect using flashbangs, several witnesses and videos revealed via Twitter on Friday night. Friday’s confrontation occurred after the Wednesday shooting to two police officers during…

Hundreds in Boston Take to Streets to Protest Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision

Hundreds of protesters streamed through downtown Boston on Friday night, protesting a grand jury decision on a police officer-involved shooting of Breonna Taylor earlier this year. One video posted on social media showed at least several hundred protesters marching down a street in Boston, with someone on a megaphone shouting, “Say her name!” as others…

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