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Friday, June 25, 2021

Report: Kamala Harris Regularly Briefed on Border Crisis Despite Refusing Responsibility

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly regularly briefed on the border crisis, but refuses to accept responsibility for it. A Biden administration official told CNN that White House officials regularly brief the Vice President on the border crisis, “as she prepares to depart for a trip to Guatemala and Mexico next week as part of…

‘They Have Their Heads In The Ground’: TX Gov. Abbott Blames ‘Open Border’ Biden...

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday that President Joe Biden’s administration is ignoring a growing surge of deadly fentanyl at the southern border and has “their heads in the ground.” WATCH: “Open-border Biden is what is bringing this in … I’ve got to tell you, I’m angry but more importantly, we have farmers and…

Exclusive — Mike Pompeo: Biden Has Unleashed Myriad Crises on America, World, Republicans Must...

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unleashed in an exclusive Breitbart News interview a blistering critique of what he views as President Joe Biden’s failed leadership of the United States, whereby the president has caused myriad domestic and international crises that threaten American leadership in the world and ordinary American families. From the Middle-East to…

ANALYSIS: How The Biden White House Controls The Media

President Joe Biden’s communications team is keeping a short leash on the president and other administration officials in order to control public perception in the media. 

Ted Cruz Wallops Joe Biden for Bungling Gas and Border Crisis, Middle East War,...

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told reporters Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s “policies are failing across the board economically, domestically, and abroad.” “We’ve got a gas crisis playing out,” Cruz began. “We’ve got a war in the Middle East. We may have an inflation crisis coming, I agree.” “Biden policies are failing across the board economically,…

Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo Shares Her Experience Going Undercover To Get Inside A...

The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee talked to Fox News’ “Mornings with Maria” host Maria Bartiromo about her recent trip to the southern border where she had to go undercover to get inside a migrant facility. “I went undercover. So I got there and I had my phone in my pocket, so we were rolling because…

Ted Cruz: The Border Crisis Exists Because of President Biden’s Policies

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), in a Newsweek op-ed, said his trip to the southern border was the worst “crisis” President Joe Biden’s policies have created. “This crisis exists because of President Biden’s policies,” Cruz said. In the first week of Biden’s presidency, Cruz explained, the Biden administration made three major mistakes: Number one, he immediately halted construction…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: More Than 1,000 Migrants Crammed Into Makeshift Camp In Mexico While Awaiting...

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura visited Tijuana, Mexico and obtained exclusive footage of a large camp near the Southern Border where more than 1,000 migrants have been staying. The facility has been open and operating for approximately three months, Ventura reported. Migrants at the facility said they have sought asylum in the U.S. but have…

White House: Kamala Harris to Focus on ‘Improving’ Guatemala, Not the Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris remains focused on improving living conditions in Central American countries, the White House said, not on the migrant border crisis on the southern border of the United States. “Vice President Harris’s direct engagement is a testament to the importance we are placing on improving conditions in Guatemala,” White House press secretary…

Politico Instructs ‘Relevant’ Staffers Not To Refer To Border Surge As A ‘Crisis’

Politico is instructing some staffers not to refer to the situation at the border as a “crisis,” according to an email obtained by the Washington Examiner. “Avoid referring to the present situation as a crisis, although we may quote others using that language while providing context,” deputy production director Maya Pathasarathy wrote in the email,…
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