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Thursday, September 19, 2019

NEW: Senate Committee Calls For Law Enforcement to Police Social Media

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Wednesday held a hearing on “Violence, Extremism and Digital Responsibility,” with the heads of three of America’s largest social media titans – Google, Facebook, and Twitter – as well as a representative from the far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL). What came out of the hearing was downright disturbing: there…

Leftists Cheer After Car Plows Through Trump Plaza: ‘I’ve Thought About Driving My Car...

Leftists are celebrating after a black Mercedes Benz reportedly lost control and rammed through the lobby of a Trump Plaza complex in New York Tuesday evening. Footage of the incident shows the totaled vehicle with its trunk and hood popped open, surrounded by shattered glass as firefighters and police officers scurried in and out of…

Pervert Ed Buck Arrested In Los Angeles: Here Are The Democrats He’s Donated To

Apparently, it only takes two high-profile deaths and one high-profile overdose in the home of a member of the political elite before he or she will actually be charged with a crime. That’s the case, at least, for Democrat Party mega-donor Ed Buck, who was arrested Tuesday night in Los Angeles. “The Los Angeles District…

WHISTLEBLOWER: Facebook Auto-Generates Pages for ISIS And Al-Qaeda

Don’t you wish Facebook would auto-generate pages for conservative causes instead of… literal Islamic terrorists? Apparently Facebook has decided that Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson are more dangerous than ISIS. Trump supporters….terrorists… Big tech thinks they are the same thing, but Facebook has only banned the Trump supporting conservatives. Terrorism…

‘Communistic’ Facebook BANS GOP Congressional Candidate: ‘Melt The Phone Lines’ To Stop Censorship

After getting banned from Facebook, congressional candidate Angela Roman, a Republican who is running in Oregon’s 5th congressional district, urged Americans who have been banned from Facebook to flood a Senatorial hotline with testimony detailing the tech giant’s egregious censorship tactics. Roman issued a warning on Twitter Monday urging Facebook users to hold Facebook CEO…

Israeli Election Too Close To Call, Exit Polls Say

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to continue his reign of dominance, exit polls have Tuesday’s election too close to call. “The final unofficial results were only expected on Wednesday afternoon, but according to an exit poll on Channel 13, whose pollster Camil Fuchs had the most accurate exit poll in the April election,…

Irish Girl Banned From Facebook After Company Decides Her NAME Is Racial Slur

Social media censorship has always had horrible ramifications, but none like this specific case. Facebook sunk to a new level of putridness in late August when it banned an Irish girl from its platform, saying her very name was racist, and a terms of service violation. “Gypsy Robinson, from Co. Longford, has had her Facebook…

‘Communistic’ Facebook BANS GOP Congressional Candidate, Urges Voters To ‘Melt The Phone Lines’...

After getting banned from Facebook, congressional candidate Angela Roman, a Republican who is running in Oregon’s 5th congressional district, is calling everyone who has been banned from Facebook to flood a Senatorial hotline with testimony of their encounters of egregious censorship by the monopolistic tech giant. Roman issued a warning on Twitter Monday urging Facebook…

Bill Gates Doesn’t Want The Feds to Break Up Big Tech

In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of the richest men on earth, vocally opposed the idea of the federal government breaking up Big Tech companies on antitrust grounds. “I don’t know the last time a company was broken up,” Gates said. “It’s a – I think – quite a long…

‘Fascist’ Twitter Suspends Parody Social Justice Hero Titania McGrath

Leftists in control of the internet are using the main communication tool in modern society to sustain a coup against President Donald Trump, actively suppressing conservative’s ability to reach voters. Top conservative journalists, pundits, and media outlets have been banned from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while hundreds of conservative media outlets have been purged…
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