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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Breitbart Business Daily: The Recession Might Come Early

Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images The economic data out on Tuesday significantly raised the risk of a recession and moved forward the possible start of an economic slump. At the same time, nothing in the data indicated inflationary pressures were abating, creating a greater chance that the economy is headed for stagflation. The odds of a recession…

Breitbart Business Digest: Core Inflation Went from Bad to Worse in April

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images The idea that we might be headed toward a “softish landing” was probably the great victim of the April report on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Consumer prices were up another 0.3 percent in April for a higher than expected 8.3 percent annual gain. The official consensus had inflation slowing…

Breitbart Business Digest: It’s Not Over

The faith of the followers of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is fickle. Yesterday, Powell set the market on fire with hope by putting a ceiling on rate hikes. The Fed would probably raise rates by 50 basis points a couple of more times, Powell said, before dropping the hikes down to 25 basis points when…

Breitbart Business Digest: Recession Fears Climb and Musk Has a Plan for Twitter

Win McNamee/AFP/Getty, Richard Drew/AP Photo Will the April showers give way to May flowers? April is historically the best month of the year for the S&P 500. Stephen Suttmeier of Bank of America recently ran the numbers and found that the broad index rose 66 percent of the time on an average return of 1.41 percent…

Breitbart Business Digest: Elon Musk Got 9.2% of Twitter for Free

The world’s richest man became even wealthier on Monday after he disclosed that he had acquired 9.2 percent of Twitter. Elon Musk’s investment was already doing very well before the announcement. He purchased 73,486,938 shares of Twitter’s common stock on March 14, probably paying around $33 a share or $2.4 billion. As of Friday, the…

Breitbart Business Digest: Jerome Powell and the Tears of Saint Patrick

While the story of ridding Ireland of serpents will always be Saint Patrick’s best-known achievement, there are countless other miracles attributed to the man. Many of them revolve around wells or springs. In one of the tales, freshly melted winter snow overflowed a brook so badly that it threatened to flood the surrounding village. Saint…

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