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Friday, November 22, 2019

UK: 20-strong Gang Target ‘White Bastards’, Cut Off Teenager’s Hand with Axe

A 20-strong gang set upon four tree surgeons in Rochdale, England, calling them “white bastards” and cutting off a teenage worker’s hand with an axe. 27-year-old Habibur Rahman, of Milnrow Road, Rochdale, gathered the mob after the workers had stopped him from abusing an elderly woman, the Manchester Evening News reports. Rahman, incensed that he…

Britain’s First Chick-fil-A to Be Shut Down After LGBTQ Lobbying

Christian-led American family restaurant chain Chick-fil-A will lose its first British branch after lobbying by the LGBT community. The family-owned restaurant chain, known for its Christian ethos and alleged support for socially conservative causes, has some 2,400 branches across the United States, but The Oracle shopping centre in Reading, England, has announced it will not…

British Family Says They Entered The US Accidentally — CBP Surveillance Footage Says Otherwise

October 15, 2019 7:32 PM ET Customs and Border Protection says it has observed evidence that disputes a British family’s claim that they accidentally entered U.S. territory. A British family that was vacationing in Canada earlier in October is saying it has suffered under the U.S. immigration detention after they swerved off a road to…

Prince Harry Sues British Tabloids over Alleged Phone Hacking

LONDON (AP) – Prince Harry is suing The Sun and the Daily Mirror, two of Britain’s most popular tabloid newspapers, over alleged phone hacking. Buckingham Palace confirmed Saturday that claims regarding “illegal interception of voicemail messages” were filed on Harry’s behalf. The palace declined to say more or provide details “given the particulars of the…

Delingpole: Britain’s Remoaner Parliament Is an Embarrassing Joke

I agree with Douglas Murray: in twenty years’ time we’re going to look back on this era as an age of insanity and wonder how it was that so many people could possibly have been so stupid. Our political class especially. Can there ever have been a period in history — even in the turmoil…

UK: No Charges for Muslim Taxi Driver Who Threatened to Sodomise Christian Converts in...

British police have announced they take no action against a Muslim taxi driver who threatened “any mother f**ker wants to convert to f**king Christianity, we’re both gonna f**k you up the a**e” in a viral video. 41-year-old Zaheer Hussain shot the video, which went viral in December 2018, alongside a laughing companion in a car…

Boris Throws Down Gauntlet to EU at G7: Brexit on Oct 31st ‘Whatever the...

British prime minister Boris Johnson has reiterated his determination that Brexit takes place on October 31st at a G7 meeting with Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. President Tusk is at the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Biarritz, France, despite the fact he does not represent a G7 country, and holds his unelected position as…

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Hong Kong’s Inevitable Showdown

This reckoning with Beijing’s authority was baked into the cake 22 years ago when the Union Jack came down over Government House. Police and protesters at a Hong Kong airport earlier this week. (YouTube) By Patrick LawrenceSpecial to Consortium News It is impossible not to admire the bravery and commitment pro-democracy demonstrators display daily as…

WATCH: CN LIVE! The Latest on Assange; Plus America and Guns: Episode 5

The fifth episode of CN Live! discussed the latest on Julian Assange and the problem of guns in America.  John Pilger saw Assange at Belmarsh prison on Tuesday and reports a troubling deterioration in his health. We discussed Assange and governments’ treatment of him and how the people are manipulated with Australian psychologist Lissa Johnson. Plus…

WATCH: CN LIVE! The Latest on Assange; Plus America and Guns; Episode 5, Today...

Join us today at 2 pm EDT for the fifth episode of CN Live! to discuss the latest on Julian Assange and the problem of guns in America.  John Pilger saw Assange at Belmarsh prison on Tuesday and reports a troubling deterioration in his health. We’ll discuss Assange and governments’ treatment of him and how…
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