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VIDEO: Man Allegedly Sucker Punches 79-Year-Old in NYC

A suspect allegedly sucker punched a 79-year-old man with a cane in Brooklyn on Friday, according to video footage of the incident. Authorities said it took place at approximately 12:00 p.m. on Fourth Avenue near Carroll Street at the edge of Gowanus and Park Slope, Pix 11 reported. The New York City Police Department (NYPD)…

VIDEO: NYC Woman Beaten, Stomped in Head During Alleged Robbery

Police have released video of two people’s alleged attack on a woman in Brooklyn last week that resulted in her being taken to the hospital unconscious. The individual was believed to still be in the hospital as of Wednesday, one week after it happened, PIX 11 reported. Police said the incident occurred at approximately 3:15…

Report: Suspect Accused of Beating NYC Jewish Man Says ‘I Would Do It Again’

A Brooklyn man accused of beating a Jewish man during an attack in Midtown reportedly said from his jail cell he would “do it again,” prosecutors claimed Saturday. Twenty-three-year-old Waseem Awawdeh was held on a $10,000 bail following the Thursday incident in which he allegedly beat 29-year-old Joseph Borgen with crutches while also punching, kicking,…

Feds Offer Plea Deal to Brooklyn Lawyers Charged in NYPD Molotov Attack

Federal prosecutors filed paperwork confirming that the two attorneys who allegedly threw a “molotov cocktail” into a squad car have been offered deals to reduce their sentences. Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis were facing potential life sentences for seven charges; among them use of explosives, arson, and conspiracy. On May 29, the pair allegedly made an…

VIDEO: Man with Flamethrower Stands on Top of NYC Bus, Fires at Public

A man with a flamethrower hopped from an ice cream truck to a New York City bus before using the flamethrower to fire away at the public, according to a video. The video, which was shared Tuesday afternoon on social media, showed the shirtless man shooting a flamethrower on top of an MTA bus in…

Man Accused Of Punching NYPD Officers In Brooklyn Bridge Incident Released Without Bail

A man charged with assaulting New York Police officers, including the police chief, was released from custody without bail Thursday night, the New York Post reported. Quran Campbell, a 25-year-old from the Bronx, reportedly resisted arrest and allegedly assaulted New York Police Department Chief Terence Monahan in the process, the Post reported. Before his altercation…

NYT 1619 Project Lead Reporter Pushes Conspiracy Theory, Appears To Delete And Reactivate Her...

June 21, 2020 10:47 PM ET Nikole Hannah-Jones, the lead writer for the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” caught backlash Sunday for telling people to “read” a conspiracy theory about the use of fireworks being an attack by the government “on Black and Brown communities.” Hannah-Jones’ “1619 Project” suggests America’s “true founding” was when the first slaves…

Watch: ‘Disrupt the Peace’ Protesters Take Over NYC Street

Protests over the death of George Floyd continued on Friday as thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City in an attempt to disrupt traffic and “disturb the peace.” Breitbart News was on the scene in Brooklyn as protesters, who were for the most part peaceful, filled the streets. “We’re gonna stay…

Watch: ‘It’s Absolutely Bullsh*t’ — NY Driver Reacts to George Floyd Protesters Blocking Intersection

A driver in New York City expressed outrage over the results of standstill traffic during a George Floyd protest occurring in Brooklyn on Friday. “Continue filing in,” said one protester with a microphone. “Block every single street. Block every single street.” Protesters took to the streets immediately after being informed to do so, which led…

Report: Violent Protests Engulf Brooklyn Police Precinct, Additional Officers Rushed In

An angry group of protesters attempted to gain entry into a Brooklyn police precinct on Friday night, as violent protests in response to the killing of George Floyd entered their second night. “Police rushed reinforcements to the 88th Precinct in Clinton Hill, where early reports said windows were broken and some shots were fired,” the…
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