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Burgess Owens Says ‘BLM Inc. Is Nothing But A Marxist Organization’

August 20, 2020 10:36 PM ET Former NFL star and GOP House candidate Burgess Owens called Black Lives Matter (BLM) a “Marxist organization” during a Thursday night appearance on Fox News’ “The Story.” Anchor Martha MacCallum asked Owens, who recently won a GOP House primary in Utah, to react to a video of Chicago BLM…

Burgess Owens: America Will See a ‘Renaissance’ with GOP House, Trump Re-Elected

Former Oakland Raiders Superbowl Champion and Utah’s fourth congressional district candidate Burgess Owens told Breitbart News Saturday that America will have a “renaissance” under a second term of President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress. Owens hopes to unseat Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT) during the 2020 congressional elections. Owens said that Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee,…

Burgess Owens: America Will See a ‘Renaissance’ with Trump Re-Elected, GOP House

Utah congressional Republican candidate Burgess Owens told Breitbart News Saturday that America will see a “true renaissance” with President Donald Trump re-elected for a second term and a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Owens — a former Oakland Raiders safety and Super Bowl champion — recently won Utah’s fourth congressional district primary. The black…
‘bullies-and-cowards-and-marxists’: former-nfl-player-burgess-owens-blasts-drew-brees-critics

‘Bullies And Cowards And Marxists’: Former NFL Player Burgess Owens Blasts Drew Brees Critics

Former NFL player Burgess Owens ripped critics of NFL quarterback Drew Brees who “disrespect” the American flag as “bullies and cowards and Marxists” during a Thursday night appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Brees garnered controversy this week when he said Wednesday that he would “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States…

Burgess Owens: Need to Take Back Utah’s 4th District to ‘Take Back Our Country’

Burgess Owens, a former Oakland Raiders Super Bowl champion safety and Utah’s fourth congressional district Republican candidate, told Breitbart News Saturday that Republicans need to take back Utah’s fourth district to help the GOP “take back our country.” Burgess Owens hopes to unseat Rep. Ben McAdams (R-UT), a freshman swing district Democrat. McAdams, like many other…

EXCLUSIVE: Burgess Owens Says He Boycotted NFL Over Kaepernick, Anthem Protests

Former NFL player and Super Bowl XV champion Burgess Owens has not watched an NFL game in years, Owens told the Daily Caller. Owens played for a decade in the NFL, but he said he was alienated from the league over the actions of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players who…

Burgess Owens: Sanders, Biden Have No ‘Common Sense or Desire to Love Our Nation’

Super Bowl champion, businessman, and Utah Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Burgess Owens joined Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed the remaining Democrat presidential candidates and President Donald Trump’s commitment to all Americans. “We have a choice now between a full-fledged communist and a socialist Marxist,” Owens told host Matthew Boyle in regards to Democrat presidential candidates…
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