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Three Perspectives on America’s Invasion-Occupation of Afghanistan

Edited by Eric Zuesse Presented here will be, in condensed form, perspectives from the U.S. Deep State (as represented by the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations), and then from critics of the U.S. Deep State (as represented by the Russia-based Strategic Culture Foundation). Then will be presented, in full, the perspective from myself, who am…

Former Bush, Trump Officials Lobby Joe Biden to Bring More Refugees to U.S.

Former administration officials who worked for Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump are lobbying President Joe Biden to bring more refugees to the United States. Late last year, then-President Trump set the fiscal year 2021 refugee resettlement cap at 15,000 refugees. This is only a numerical limit and not intended to be a goal…

Information-Management in the U.S. Dictatorship

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture The dictatorship manages information both by deceiving the public to believe what the regime itself knows to be actually false (such as that Saddam Hussein might be only six months away from having an atomic bomb), and also by removing the lie from its ‘news’-media as soon as…

Gallup: Trump Globally the Least Respected U.S. President This Century

Eric Zuesse On January 15th, the Gallup World Poll issued its preliminary report for their upcoming “Rating World Leaders: 2021” report. It shows the results that have been tabulated for 60 of the 135 countries where they annually sample global public opinion about U.S. leadership. One especially clear finding from it is that when their…

How the Bush Family Is Finally Defeating Donald Trump

Eric Zuesse Perhaps more than anyone else, Jeb Bush organized the ‘electoral’ defeat of Donald Trump this year, and the installation of Joe Biden into the White House in 2021. Jeb had been the Florida Governor who engineered the “Brooks Brothers riot” that, with the help of Antonin Scalia on 9 December 2000, defeated Al…

I Am an American, And I Am Ashamed of My Government

George Floyd’s Murder Is the Surface of Deeper Scandal. Eric Zuesse This is not the America of the U.S. Constitution and of its Founders; it is not consistent with their ideals, neither in domestic policy, nor in foreign policy. This is the government that has a higher percentage of its population locked up in prison…

Standing at the Precipice of a Financial Collapse: Time for a 21st Century Pecora...

Originally published on Strategic Culture As Republican and democrat politicians hold emergency meetings to decide how to avoid a meltdown of Wall Street, the smell of hyperinflation looms in the air as much today as it did in Germany during the opening months of 1922. This week, markets were propped up by a record breaking offering…

Why do the U.S. and its allies hide these facts from the public?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture The latest are document-dumps and accompanying detailed explanations and translations of the revealed documents, and are from Bonanza Media. That’s a Finland-based website. Their “Bonanza Leaks” on 24 February 2020 shows photos of the official transcriptions of the witnesses’ testimony to the official Joint Investigative Team (JIT) which…

Former NSA Tech Chief Says Mueller Report Was Based on CIA-Fabricated ‘Evidence’

Eric Zuesse On December 12th, the retired NSA whistleblower and former Technical Director of the NSA, Bill Binney asserted, at 39:00-44:00 in this audio interview of him: — BILL BINNEY: I basically have always been saying that all of this Russian hack never happened, but we have some more evidence coming out recently. We haven’t…

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