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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Biden Administration, American Allies Hammer Belarus With New Sanctions After Journalist Detained

Western governments handed down a new wave of sanctions onto Belarus Monday in response to the forced grounding of a Ryanair flight in order to detain journalist Roman Protasevich. The sanctions impose travel bans, asset freezes and financial penalties on multiple state-owned Belarusian companies, according to Reuters. Allies of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko are the…

Despite Protests, Biden’s War on Pipelines, Oil and Gas Flowing from Canada to U.S....

Police were called to the Enbridge Inc. Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota earlier this week after protestors shackled themselves to the equipment being used to modernize and expand the infrastructure, in service since 1968, shipping crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Midwest U.S. refiners. The protesters, mostly white according to photographs accompanying a Reuters report,…

ANALYSIS: The Top 10 Craziest COVID-19 Arrests

Fourteen months of COVID-19 lockdown measures have produced a laundry list of bizarre and shocking arrests across the world.

Polish Pastor Who Went Viral For Kicking Police Out Of Church Arrested For Holding...

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Street Church in Alberta, Canada was arrested on Saturday for holding a church service that allegedly defied public health orders. Pawlowski was arrested along with his brother, Dawid, and both have been charged with organizing an “illegal in-person gathering,” in addition to “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to join them,…

A meeting with God in the days of COVID madness

In the Orthodox Christian world, today marked Great and Holy Wednesday in the Passion Week, or Holy Week as many call it. It is the last day of the first half of Holy Week, which marks our Lord’s excoriation of the Pharisees and is the time when the sentiment of the crowd which hailed Jesus’…

‘Should People Call Police On Their Neighbors?’: Officers Will Now Stop Citizens, Ask For...

April 16, 2021 11:01 PM ET Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced in a Friday press conference that Ontario’s four-week stay-at-home order will extend another two weeks and also include harsher punishments for failing to abide by the rules. “We have implemented the strictest measures in all of North America, and the difficult truth is, every…

Two open letters from a Doctor concerning COVID vaccines [Video]

These two letters can be seen on the website www.vaccinechoicecanada.com. They are personal accounts of a Christian doctor who has seen some severe problems resulting from the use of the Moderna vaccine against COVID-19. We offer this information because we do not trust the mainstream media push to squelch this sort of news getting out.…

Canada moves closer to shutting down sites that dare criticise government

Canada moves closer to shutting down sites that dare criticise government ****News Topic 367***** Canada to censor political taunts. Implement internet kill switch. Canada to censor political taunts. Implement internet kill switch. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s plan calls for censorship of “hurtful” comments against politicians and implementation of an internet killswitch to facilitate it Police…

Canadian Film Industry Executive Calls On Hollywood to Blacklist Georgia over Voter Integrity Law

A major Canadian film industry executive is calling on Hollywood to blacklist Georgia over the state’s new voter integrity law, claiming it is a matter of “morality” and not a business maneuver to lure movie and TV productions away from the Peach State. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the executive, Paul Bronfman, CEO…

Easter services in the West canceled by Statist goons [Video]

Do you remember the good old days when we talked about how there was no freedom of worship in the Soviet Union? My, my how times have changed. We have this problem because we all ceded our independence to the “authorities”, who have seized tyrannical power over so many of us. We do not have…

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