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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nolte: TikTok Star Addison Rae Threatened with Blacklisting for Saying Hello to Trump

“TikTok superstar Addison Rae’s fans have launched a campaign to cancel her after she excitedly greeted Donald Trump at the star-studded UFC 264 fight in Las Vegas last weekend,” reports the Daily Mail. Addison Rae, who amassed some 82 million TikTok followers for her dance videos featuring popular songs, merely approached the former president to say hello, and now…

Actress Megan Fox Slams ‘Midevil, Burn-a-Witch-at-the-Stake’ Cancel Culture over her Trump Comment

Actress Megan Fox slammed the “uneducated, medieval, pitchfork carrying, burn-a-witch-at-the-stake” cancel culture mentality after she was attacked for noting that former President Donald Trump was greeted like “a legend” when he walked into the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday night. “Uhmmm… I do not align myself with any political party or individual politicians.…

Cultural civil war increasingly visible as disgusting teaching praised in MSM [Video]

The United States has a great many Christian citizens. These people may be heavily involved in carrying out the faith, and many are not so, but most of them share a core set of principles derived from Christianity that becomes their own moral compass, showing them what is right and what is wrong. One of…

HANSON: Rise Of The Government Thought Police

The Biden administration just released a National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. Sadly, instead of a smart, measured approach to the real dangers we face, it is a stunning admission that the administration will use the full powers of the state to attack its political enemies. Even worse, they openly admit grafting this onto the…

NJ School Board Reverses ‘Woke’ Decision, Puts Holidays Back on Calendar

After a nearly four-hour meeting on Monday, the Randolph School Board in New Jersey reversed course and added official holidays back to the district’s calendar after replacing them with a simple “day off” label. The decision to remove all the holidays — including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day — came on the…

Nolte: Jon Lovitz Says Cancel Culture Is ‘No Different than McCarthyism’

Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz showed some real moral courage this week when he openly (and accurately) compared today’s fascist cancel culture to McCarthyism. “Comedian Jon Lovitz is blasting modern online witch hunts, comparing them to the Red Scare that led to the famed Hollywood blacklist in the late 1940s,” reports Page Six. “I’ll just say it,”…

12 People Who Were Canceled for Using the N-Word like Hunter Biden

Revealing text messages derived from Hunter Biden’s laptop show the president’s son repeatedly using racial slurs in messages to his white attorney, but members of the radical left — members of the establishment media, particularly — have remained relatively silent despite their history of calling for the cancellation of individuals who have done the same.…

Dr Fauci cashes in with $5 million as tell all book gets CANCELED [Video]

It just keeps getting better and better, how the wheels of justice turn. Yes, all objectivity is (for now) thrown to the wind, and I am gloating. Let the record show this. Dr Fauci’s upcoming book release appears to be canceled, and by the same sort of people that practiced “cancel culture” memory-holing over the…

Professor Fired For Reading Passage Containing Racial Slur From Mark Twain Novel That ‘Satirizes...

An adjunct professor at St. John’s University has allegedly been fired for reading a passage from Mark Twain’s anti-slavery novel “Pudd’nhead Wilson” during a class on satirical literature, The New York Post reported. Hannah Berliner Fischthal, an adjunct at St. Johns for 20 years, used the word once during a remote class on February 10…

Punk Rocker John Joseph on Outdoor Concert Backlash: If You Disagree ‘Stay the F**k...

New York punk rocker John Joseph, from the bands Bloodclot and Cro-Mags, responded to backlash over a large punk show recently held in New York City, proclaiming that he “could give a fuck less” about those who disagree with the event, adding that critics should “stay the fuck home, watch CNN.” Thousands of concertgoers packed into…

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