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Garth Brooks And Trisha Yearwood Hosting Holiday Special

November 19, 2020 8:58 PM ET Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood got everyone’s attention when they announced the celebrity duo will be hosting a holiday special next month. “Celebrate the holidays with us!” the 56-year-old country star captioned her post on Instagram for her nearly million followers. The post was noted by Fox News in…

Obama Compares Trump to Dictator — ‘There Has Been a Sense’ He Would ‘Do...

In a sit-down interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” which aired on Sunday, former President Barack Obama took a shot at President Donald Trump by comparing him to a dictator. Obama suggested there has been a “sense” during Trump’s presidency that he would “do anything to stay in power,” including killing people and suppressing journalists. He…

The Press is playing an exceedingly dangerous game with the election [Video]

No doubt, Dear Reader, you are probably tired of the new and improved infusion of dystopian news reporting coming from both the Mainstream media and alternate media like us. The mainstream media is singing the “We’re Just Biden Our Time” song (poor Ira and George Gerschwin are no doubt spinning in their graves). It goes…

CBS: Joe Biden to Demolish Legal Wall Against Migration

Joe Biden’s team plans to abandon agreements with Central American countries that created a legal wall against global migrants, according to CBS News. The Biden team also hopes to have U.S. embassies fly foreign children to their migrant parents throughout the United States, according to the November 11 report. The embassy process would bypass the coyotes…

Joe Biden: Hunter Biden Email Story ‘a Smear Campaign’

Sunday, in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden responded to reports his son Hunter used his position as vice president to leverage a “lucrative” deal with Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The New York Post has published leaks reportedly from the younger Biden’s laptop showing his business dealings overseas and…

Fox reports Twitter and Facebook silenced Hunter Biden bombshell, CNN – crickets [Video]

Anybody ever doubting that American news is managed ought to be able to see that this is the case today. Consider these three splash pages, whose screenshots were taken within seven minutes of one another at 01:30AM Eastern Daylight Time, October 15, 2020: First let’s look at CBS News, a major network prone to fits…

Stephen Colbert Packs ‘Late Show’s’ Live DNC Coverage With Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

CBS’s left-wing Late Show host Stephen Colbert will host live shows from the Democratic National Convention next week, with guest including former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The show will air live at 11:35 pm ET from Monday to Thursday and will feature virtual interviews with the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VM) on…

Where is the outcry about THIS black man, murdered for supporting Trump? [Video]

A black man named Bernell Trammell was shot, execution style, as he sat a lawn chair in front of his office. This happened in broad daylight, at 12:30pm local time, Thursday July 23rd, 2020. The assailant is still at large. CNN didn’t cover this. MSNBC didn’t cover this. The New York Times did not pick this up.…

‘Let’s Not Be Absurd’: Condoleezza Rice Snaps On Russia And China For Using American...

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized Russia and China for using images of American protests in their own propaganda. During a Sunday morning segment of CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Rice told host Margaret Brennan that she didn’t need a lecture from Russian President Vladimir Putin or Chinese President Xi Jinping on how to handle…

‘Keep Your Voice Down’: Trump Unloads On CBS Reporter During Coronavirus Briefing

April 19, 2020 9:10 PM ET President Donald Trump unloaded Sunday on CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang, telling her at one point to “keep your voice down.” Jiang pressed the president several times on the response to the coronavirus pandemic as it spread to the United States. (RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Leave’: Trump Calls…
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