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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Publish or Perish?

By: Jeffrey Wernick In academia there is an expression, “Publish or Perish.” Now it seems that platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter an appropriate expression might be that if we decide not to publish you, you will virtually perish. The definition of a publisher is the one that serves as an intermediary between the authors the…

Clinton Attacks Trump For Claiming Google Manipulated Millions Of 2016 Votes

Hillary Clinton blasted President Donald Trump Monday after the president claimed millions of votes were manipulated in 2016 in the scandal-plagued former secretary of state’s favor. Earlier in the day, Trump argued the search engine giant Google “manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.” “Wow, Report Just…

You Can’t Watch This: New Documentary Reveals How You’re Being Censored & Controlled

Skip to content We need your help in defeating censorship You Can’t Watch This, a bombshell documentary that reveals the damage done to society by Big Tech censorship, is available now exclusively at InfowarsStore.com.And because of this censorship, it’s critical now to actually own a hard copy of this documentary in your personal library because…

Bokhari: The Koch-Soros Alliance to Censor the Internet

Left-wing and establishment conservative billionaires are teaming up to censor the Internet. Organizations established by left-winger George Soros and libertarian Charles Koch have been working together on a key priority of globalist neoliberals and neoconservatives: censorship of the Internet. Last year, the Charles Koch Institute pledged its support for the “After Charlottesville Project,” an initiative…

Trump Warns Google ‘Manipulated’ 16 Million Votes To Help Hillary, Left-Wing Media Pushes Back:...

President Trump warned Monday that Google interfered with the 2016 presidential election, tampering with as many as 16 million votes, and recommended legal recourse be taken against the monopolist tech giant. “Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by…

Twitter Supports Beijing Regime By Running Ads Attacking Hong Kong Protestors

Twitter finds itself in hot water again Monday after it was caught running ads which were critical of peaceful protests in Hong Kong on behalf of the brutal Communist Chinese regime in Beijing. “Pinboard and other users have observed Twitter running ads from China’s state-backed media outlet Xinhua attacking the Hong Kong protesters opposed to both a (since-suspended) extradition bill and…

BREAKING: Joe Biggs Banned from Facebook

Right-wing activist Joe Biggs is the latest casualty of Big Tech’s war on conservatives, as he was banned from Facebook Friday. Screenshots of a chat between Biggs and LauraLoomer.us contributor Haley Kennington show that Biggs was banned from Facebook at 12:56pm on Friday, in the midst of their conversation. The pair was discussing Bigg’s previous…

Google Employees Compare ICE, CBP To ‘Nazis During the Holocaust’

Google staffers, claiming the United States Customs and Border Protection and Immigration Customs Enforcement are violating “international human rights law” by “terrorizing” illegal immigrants, are demanding the tech giant blacklist law enforcement agencies from accessing the Google Cloud Platform. In a petition, titled “Never Again,” accompanied by the hashtag, “#NoGCPforCBP” [No Google Cloud Platform for…

Whistleblower: Google ‘Tampering With The Elections To Essentially Overthrow The United States’

Investigative watchdog Project Veritas published a trove of documents on Wednesday provided by former Google insider Zachary Vorhies, who alleges the tech giant is “tampering with elections to essentially overthrow the United States.” Vorhies, who was an employee at Google for over eight years, has also reportedly turned over 950 documents to the Justice Department’s…

The Epstein Case: Everyone’s a Conspiracy Theorist

The only problem with the term is the meaningless use of it as a pejorative, writes Caitlin Johnstone. By Caitlin JohnstoneCaitlinJohnstone.com Plutocratic propaganda outlet MSNBC has run a spin segment about the medical examiner’s determination of the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death “pending further information.” “Our sources are still saying that it looks like suicide, and this is…
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