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Friday, July 3, 2020

WATCH: Facebook ADMITS To Censoring Users Who Post Pro-Tommy Robinson Messages

A Facebook official made a stunning admission on Deadline – still a popular news program in Denmark – when he told the show’s host that supporting British free speech activist Tommy Robinson is grounds for a ban from the social network. “You are allowed to write that you don’t like him, or that he’s an…

Facebook Shutting Down Popular Posts By Hiding “Likes” In Australia

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing its own platform without the “Like” function in Australia, which essentially means that users will not be able to gauge the popularity of certain posts based on how many others have “Liked” it. “The company has now officially started a test that will remove public visibility of Like,…

Liz Warren Wants “Independent” Office To Help Elected Officials Understand Big Tech

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a 2020 presidential candidate, wants to bring back the Office of Technology Assessment, a 1970’s era government program, which she says will help lawmakers understand plans proposed by Big Tech and its lobbyists. “Lobbyists are filling in the gaps in congressional resources and expertise by providing Congress information from the perspective…

AG Barr Insists U.S. Justice Department Launch Facebook Antitrust Investigation

Facebook, already dogged by state and federal investigations, now faces another obstacle amid widespread anguish over its anti-conservative and anti-competitive practices. The U.S. Department of Justice will soon take measures to rein in the world’s largest social media network with an antitrust investigation into Facebook, Reuters reports, citing a source familiar with the matter. In…

NEW: YouTube Commits to Censoring Elected Officials

YouTube has pledged to censor politicians who break their arbitrarily-decided rules on what can and cannot be said, according to a Wednesday report. “When you have a political officer that is making information that is really important for their constituents to see, or for other global leaders to see, that is content that we would…

Leaked Docs: China’s TikTok App Censors Posts Exposing Bloodthirsty Communism

Big Tech’s conglomerating size, wealth and power in the global information war have prompted investigations at the federal and state level, in a bipartisan effort to regulate the monopolistic, anti-competitive digital marketplace. President Trump has pledged to probe whether Google is nefariously compromising U.S. national security by colluding with the Chinese military. Now, TikTok, China’s…

Facebook Won’t Delete Posts from Politicians that Break Site Rules

Facebook recently stated that the site will not remove politicians’ posts that break the site’s rules for fear of “censoring or stifling political discourse.” According to one executive, “Freedom of expression is an absolute founding principle for Facebook.” Business Insider reports that Facebook has announced that it won’t be removing tweets from politicians that violate the rules…

Terror-Tied CAIR Demands Twitter Suspend Trump’s Account

After successfully lobbying to get investigative journalist Laura Loomer banned from Twitter, the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations is now demanding the social media platform suspend President Donald Trump’s account. CAIR claims the president should be censored from using the platform because he is “Islamophobic” and targeting Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the freshman Democrat notorious for professing…

Facebook Purchases Thought Monitoring Startup

Facebook spent a fortune to acquire a New York City based “neural monitoring” company, according to a post by its vice president of the augmented reality and virtual reality sectors. “We spend a lot of time trying to get our technology to do what we want rather than enjoying the people around us,” Andrew Bosworth…

Fox BANS Michael Knowles For Stating Fact About Climate Girl

Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles has reportedly been banned from Fox News for committing a mortal sin on the formerly-conservative news network: stating a fact about the Church of Climate Change’s “it-girl.” “A Fox News spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday night that the network has “no plans” to book conservative podcast host Michael Knowles as a…

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