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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
china-in-new-threat-to-taiwan: “island’s-military-won’t-stand-a-chance”

China In New Threat To Taiwan: “Island’s Military Won’t Stand A Chance”

China's prominent English-language state media mouthpiece Global Times on Friday published a fiery editorial which conveys the mood in Beijing at a moment of unprecedented ratcheting tensions surrounding Taiwan. If China chooses to invade the breakaway democratic island, then Taiwan's military "won't stand a chance" it said.The article further attacked Taiwan's pro-independence movement and its external…

China May Require Automakers, Including Tesla, To Store Driver Data Domestically

In a move that we're sure Elon Musk will hurriedly comply with, China is reportedly mulling the idea of making auto manufacturers store the personal data and information they collect in China domestically, according to new draft guidelines issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Bloomberg reported on Thursday that automakers would also have to report…

John Kerry ‘Hopeful, Not Confident’ China Will Cooperate on Emissions Reduction

On Thursday, U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry said he was “not confident,” but “hopeful” China would do their part to reduce global carbon emissions. In an interview with India Today‘s Raj Chengappa during a diplomatic trip to India, Kerry expressed his doubts about the prospect of China joining in emissions reforms under the Paris Climate Accord. “I’m hopeful. Not…

US-NATO provocation in Ukraine to stop Russian pipeline

Steven Sahiounie, Journalist and political commentator US Europe Command has raised its posture to the highest level, “potential imminent threat”, as USAF surveillance flights have tracked Russia’s border over the past 48 hours. The current flare of tensions sparked on March 26, when four Ukrainian military servicemen were killed by a landmine while inspecting minefields near the village…

‘You Are Playing With The Enemy And You Are Killing Americans’: Greg Gutfeld Flames...

April 07, 2021 6:33 PM ET Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lashed out Wednesday at anyone who continued to do business with China, saying that they were “playing with the enemy.” Gutfeld argued during a segment of “The Five” that it was no different than doing business with former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin after World…

ANALYSIS: How Biden’s Out-Of-Control Spending Is Hurting Americans And Helping China

Varun Hukeri General Assignment & Analysis Reporter April 07, 2021 5:33 PM ET President Joe Biden’s proposed long-term federal spending has concerned some economists who argue that an unsustainable increase in the national debt will hurt American consumers and families while making the economy more dependent on China.

U.S. Considering Joining Boycott of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

According to the State Department, the United States is considering joining the boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games as the Biden Administration is working to organize an international pushback on China. A spokesperson from the State Department, Ned Price, said the United States has not decided about fully boycotting the games but is considering due…

US Sails Carrier Into South China Sea As Philippines Enraged Over China ‘Territory Grab’

In the latest dispute over territory in the South China Sea, the Philippine government is denouncing Beijing for sending a "maritime militia" near the contested Whitsun Reef (alternately spelled Whitson Reef). China has responded by saying the ships are merely civilian fishing vessels, but the bellicose rhetoric has only grown between the two sides in the…

China Credit Impulse Set To Collapse As Beijing Orders Banks To Curtail Loan Growth...

One month after global markets underwent a brief hiccup after China’s top banking regulator said he’s "very worried" about risks emerging from bubbles in global financial markets, Beijing is now looking inward and as the FT and Bloomberg reported, China’s central bank has asked the nation’s major lenders - which are all at least partially…

The Xinjiang Genocide – an excerpt from the “Genocide” panel

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