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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Are China’s Naval Ambitions A Global Threat?

Update: Adding fuel to the foire that Coughlin describes below, Global Times Editor Hu Xijin tweeted the following earlier today: The more US aircraft carriers come to the South China Sea and exert pressure on China, the more it will prompt the PLA to develop complete and reliable methods against them. Once a war begins,…

China’s Central Bank Has Quietly Launched Its Own QE

Earlier this week we discussed the striking difference between virtually every western central bank balance sheet - of which the Fed's is a prime example - all of which have grown at a staggering pace over the past decades and especially since the covid crisis as central banks acquired various securities most notably Treasurys and…

China’s Indo-Pacific Neighbors Stand Up To Its Hegemonic Ambitions

Authored by Tahir Aslam Gora via The Epoch Times, After finding itself cornered over the handling of the novel coronavirus, appropriately named the “CCP virus,” China is embracing an offensive mode globally. The Chinese foreign ministry has now instructed its ambassadors to aggressively defend its interests and reputation, even if at the cost of diplomatic niceties. Following…

China’s Economy Returns To Growth In Q2 But Retail Sales Continue To Contract

Judging by the Chinese stock market, Chinese credit impulse data, and Chinese PMIs, tonight's GDP data should be a big winning rebound proving the communist nation has overcome the viral enemy and is back on its path to global economic domination. Source: Bloomberg The "v-shaped" recovery in all the PMIs is rather impressively well managed...…

China’s Stealth Jet With Thrust Vectors Enters Mass Production

A heavily modified Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jet formally entered mass production this month, according to a new report via South China Morning Post (SCMP), who spoke with military sources about the development surrounding the fifth-generation fighter jet with upgraded Russian engines.  Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jet China held a ceremony last week, unveiling the modified J-20B stealth fighter jet. The…

Is China’s Stock Market Bubble Simply A Massive Reverse-Robin-Hood Scheme To Bail Out The...

Without a doubt, the Chinese investor is "all-in" again. As we detailed earlier, there has been a massive surge in retail accounts opening margin accounts with margin-trading account balances rising at a faster pace than at the peak of speculative frenzy in 2014/2015... Source: Bloomberg Five years on from that euphoria, it's deja vu all…

Behind China’s Takeover Of Hong Kong: The Pearl River Delta Megacity

By Mustafa Zaidi, Research Director at Clarmond Wealth As Hong Kong was being handed over in early July 1997, my old colleague and I began a series of short visits throughout the Pearl River Delta, from Macau to Shenzen to Canton; all rather sleepy spots relative to the towering buzz of Hong Kong. In Macau…

Is This The Real Reason For China’s Massive Market Meltup?

Now that Hong Kong is facing a creeping monetary boycott by the US, and more importantly, by the US financial system as a result of its de facto annexation by China, a pesky question has emerged: how will China procure those much needed dollars which are oh so critical to keep the Chinese financial system,…

China’s Central Bank Vows To Expand Total Credit By 30% Of GDP In 2020

One of the curiosities about the current global financial crisis is that unlike the global financial crisis of 2008 when a massive credit injection by China sparked a generous reflationary wave around the world which pulled it out of a deflationary slump, this time around China has been far more modest as the following chart…

China’s State-Run Media Claims COVID “Data Revision” Is “Common International Practice”

Authored by Jennie Taer via SaraACarter.com, China’s State-run news channel CGTN issued a “fact check” Monday claiming that the coronavirus “data revision in Wuhan” is “common international practice.” The Chinese government, however, according to U.S. officials, has withheld key information from the world about the virus from the start and the numbers released by the CCP are not trusted.…
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