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Monday, May 25, 2020

China’s Tourist Sites Overwhelmed With Crowds After Emerging From Lockdown

A weekend national Chinese holiday called the Qingming Festival witnessed greatly relaxed restrictions across the country even as health authorities fear the coronavirus outbreak isn't over, and as the potential for a new wave of 'asymptomatic' spreaders has health officials worried. It comes at a moment Beijing is slowly trying to open the economy back up, especially retail,…

Could China’s Overlapping Crises Spiral Out Of Control?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Threats, propaganda and the Orwellian dissolution of social trust cannot stop a withdrawal from the status quo. Longtime readers know I've had an active interest in what differentiates empires/nations that survive crises and those that collapse. There is a lively academic literature on this topic, and it boils…

China’s Tourism Ministry Warns Travelers To Avoid US Over ‘Racist’ Treatment Amid Outbreak

In retaliation for Washington's travel ban targeting Chinese citizens and recent visitors, not to mention the CDC and State Department travel advisories, Beijing is finally putting its foot down: China's Ministry of Culture & Tourism warned on Monday that Chinese citizens shouldn't travel to the US because of "excessive outbreak prevention measures." Yes, you read…

Rabobank: China’s Stimulus Will Struggle In The Face Of What Is Needed To Contain...

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank There is a grim familiarity this morning in the news that the number of Chinese coronavirus cases has continued to rise. The number of cases in the country is now above 70,000 with the death toll standing at 1,770. Despite the headlines, the country’s stock market took encouragement from…

FCC Votes 5-0 To Ban China’s Huawei, ZTE From Gov’t Subsidy Program

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted 5-0 on a new rule that would ban service providers from using government subsidies to buy China's Huawei and ZTE equipment, reported Reuters. 22-Nov-2019 11:26:34 AM - FCC VOTES 5-0 TO BAR U.S. RURAL CARRIER CUSTOMERS FROM U.S. GOVERNMENT FUND TO PURCHASE HUAWEI, ZTE EQUIPMENT, SERVICES All five…

Editor Of China’s Global Times Taunts US Farmers: “Wait For A Trade Deal Before...

China's most influential twitter troll is on a rampage today. Following his earlier threat that "China wants a deal but is prepared for the worst-case scenario, a prolonged trade war", uttered shortly after the Senate vote to support Hong Kong protesters and Trump's warning that the US could raise tariffs further if there is no…

China’s Xinhua Issues Ultimatum: “End Is Coming” For Hong Kong Protesters

Following what many have described as the most violent weekend yet after 86 days, or 13 weeks of pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong, which have led to the arrest of at least 1,117 residents, where the local police is now deploying water cannon in response to "rioters" using petrol bombs, China appears to have finally…

Journalist For China’s Global Times Brutally ‘Arrested’ By HK Airport Protesters

Chinese state media outlet Global Times has reported one of its journalists had been seized and bound in an 'arrest' by anti-Beijing Hong Kong protesters which had occupied the city's international airport.  Global Times' editor-in-chief Hu Xijin made an appeal on social media Tuesday for the protesters to release the reporter, saying he was only there to cover…

China’s Largest Oil Company Caught Importing Iranian Crude

The Trump Administration's decision to reimpose sanctions on the Iranian oil trade has dramatically reduced Iranian crude exports - but it hasn't stopped some of the US's largest economic rivals from accepting shipments of Iranian crude, according to several media investigations. Not only has China continued to import Iranian crude, so have several other Asian…

China’s Top Carmaker Guides For First Annual Sales Drop In 14 Years

SAIC Motor – China’s top carmaker and General Motors' biggest Chinese partner - expects sales to fall annually for the first time in at least 14 years, according to Bloomberg. The company is based in Shanghai and projects that for 2019, sales will be down about 7%. The company's new target of 6.54 million sales is…

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