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Soros-Funded Candidate Wendy Davis Fundraised Indoors During Pandemic in Race to Beat Rep. Chip...

Democrat candidate for Congress in Texas Wendy Davis (D) did her fundraising indoors and her campaigning virtually during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, reported the Texas Tribune on Friday. “I have never spent so much time on the phones fundraising,” she told the Tribune. “I fundraise every single day.” According to the Tribune, Davis has spent…

East African Truck Drivers Pay Bribes for Negative Coronavirus Tests

Long-distance truck drivers in East Africa are paying bribes to avoid state-enforced coronavirus testing at the Uganda-Kenya border, the head of Uganda’s Professional Drivers Network (UPDN) revealed on Monday. Drivers “pay bribes of between $14 and $40 to get a certificate indicating negative [coronavirus] status, or to cross the border without being tested,” UPDN director…

China Struggling to Convince Citizens to Take Chinese-Made Flu Shots

The Communist Party of China is struggling to convince citizens to receive influenza vaccinations to protect them in the upcoming flu season after years of corruption scandals involving faulty, watered-down, or otherwise useless vaccines, the South China Morning Post noted on Monday. About 30 million flu shots are distributed in China each year. This year, authorities…

Zimbabwe Frees Tortured Journalist, Bans Him from Social Media, Takes His House

Zimbabwe’s high court released investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono on bail on Wednesday after he spent six weeks in jail for his support of an anti-government protest, New Zimbabwe reported. Chin’ono, 49, was released on $10,000 bail pending trial on charges of inciting public violence after he tweeted his support for an anti-government demonstration this summer. He…

Ohio County Implements Hotline to Report People Not Wearing Masks

Cuyahoga County — which houses Cleveland, Ohio — has created a hotline so that people can tattle on their neighbors for not wearing masks. Ironically, the county executive claims that they “want people to [wear masks] voluntarily.” Cuyahoga County has taken Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s mask order to the next level by establishing a hotline…

South Korea: No Coronavirus Cases Linked to In-Person National Election

South Korea successfully held in-person elections this month without finding evidence for a single coronavirus transmission at an election station, South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) announced this week, the Epoch Times reported on Thursday. “Twenty-nine million voters participated in the April 15 parliamentary election. … Not one [coronavirus] case related to the election…

Report: Coronavirus Lockdown Strands North Koreans Trying to Escape in China

Missionaries working with North Korean refugees hiding in China told Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Wednesday many are stuck there, facing the potential of being tortured and sent to prison camps if caught and returned home. On average, roughly 1,160 North Korean defectors are believed to escape the country each year, according to U.S.-based NK News. Approximately 135…

Argentina’s Overwhelmed Funeral Homes Not Given ‘Clear Information’ on Handling Coronavirus Remains

Funeral homes in Argentina have not been given clear instructions on how to handle corpses of those who have died from the Chinese coronavirus, according to a report from national outlet Infobae on Thursday. The Association of Funeral Service Companies in the Province of Buenos Aires (ASEF) reportedly sent a letter to Minister of Health Ginés González…

Duterte Tasks Officials with Funding Coronavirus Fight: ‘You Can Steal, I Don’t Care’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said the country is running out of money to provide aid to people amid the Chinese coronavirus crisis. In a nationally broadcast speech on Monday night, Duterte urged the government to find solutions. “The PHP 100 billion [$1.94 billion] for one month or the PHP 270 billion [$5.329 billion] for two…

Israel Ranked As Safest Country To Be In During Pandemic

TEL AVIV – Israel was ranked the safest country to be in during the pandemic, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement citing statistics from the Deep Knowledge Group (DKG). Coming in first place with a ranking of 619, Israel was closely followed by Singapore which scored 600, DKG’s website said. New Zealand,…

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