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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Chinese Tech ADRs Surge: WSJ Reports Americans Will Be Allowed To Invest In Alibaba,...

Joe Biden hasn't even been officially sworn in and China is already calling the shots.After weeks of confusion whether US investors would be barred from investing in Chinese gigacaps, moments ago the WSJ reported that the U.S. government - under Joe Biden - is expected to let Americans continue to invest in Chinese tech giants…

The Chinese Lockdown-And-Mask Model Failed. Now Its Proponents Need Scapegoats

Authored by Daniel Greenfield via DanielGreenfield.org, The problem isn’t just the China Virus. It’s that we adopted the China Model to fight it. Public health experts adopted China’s draconian lockdowns without knowing how well they really worked and in a country that, fortunately, lacks the power to truly enforce them. China’s deceptiveness and lack of…
chinese state-media-floats-trump-‘october-surprise’-theory-centered-on-disputed-islands

Chinese State Media Floats Trump ‘October Surprise’ Theory Centered On Disputed Islands

The editor-in-chief of the Chinese Community Party run Global Times, Hu Xijin, has once again raised eyebrows with his typical bellicose and provocative statements and predictions. This time he took things to a new level, cryptically citing "information learned" — as if from an insider source or perhaps even Chinese intelligence — to suggest President Trump has a major 'October Surprise' in…

Chinese Government Combines “Track & Trace” COVID-System With Social Credit Score

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, The Communist government of China has combined its coronavirus ‘track and trace’ system with the country’s notorious social credit score. As the Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp explains, fears that the new COVID surveillance system would be used for “totalitarian social monitoring” are being realized in China. “The…

Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz Taiwan Airspace For Second Day As Pacific Tensions Soar

For the second day in a row, on Thursday, Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ), according to an Al Jazeera report.  Taiwan was forced to scramble fighter jets as Chinese warplanes breached the air defense buffer zone off its south-western coast. Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan's southwestern ADIZ for two consecutive days. ROCAF…

Chinese Farmers Hoard Wheat In Hopes Of Creating Shortages That Push Prices Higher

The latest Chinese inflation data released overnight showed that consumer prices slowed again, dropping to 2.4% Y/Y, the lowest since early 2019, largely moderating on lower pork inflation (still over 50% y/y, but slowing), while producer price inflation remains negative. And while Chinese food inflation dropped in half from the record 20% Y/Y increase hit…
us-revokes-chinese-graduate student-visas-on-fears-of-research-theft

US Revokes Chinese Graduate Student Visas On Fears Of Research Theft

The Trump administration confirmed in a statement Wednesday that it is "blocking" many students from China from obtaining visas to America, specifically graduate students focusing on research in scientific and medical fields over fears they could steal sensitive research. Citing the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Chad Wolf, Reuters reports:  “We are blocking…

Over 100,000 Chinese Evacuated As Floods Continue Pressuring Three Gorges Dam

Since early summer, devastating floods have wreaked havoc in southern China due to torrential rains caused by the rainy season, with most of the flooding observed around the Yangtze basin and its tributaries. Local officials are calling the latest flooding a "once in a century" event, with a typhoon making landfall Wednesday.  China's largest river, the Yangtze, continues to rise…

Chinese Econ Data Dump Unexpectedly Bombs As Industrial Production, Retail Sales Miss

Was that it for China's miraculous recovery? While China's economic releases long ago lost any "data" significance and simply represent whatever the politburo wants it to represent, moments ago we had the traditional monthly data dump and it was extremely ugly, with the key items missing badly, and making one wonder if Beijing is no…

As US Bans ‘WeChat’, Chinese Turn To ‘Signal’, But Decentralization Is The Answer

Authored by Mathew Di Salvo via DeCrypt.co, Signal could help worried Chinese based in the US look for solutions to the ban on Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat. A decentralized platform could be the best option... President Donald Trump this week announced his intentions to ban US companies from transacting with Chinese payment and messenger…
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