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Trump adviser clashes with Chris Wallace, calls him “opposition to President”

****News Topic 72*****‘ They’ll be kicked out’: Chris Wallace clashes with Trump adviser over mask wearing at debate. https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/media/theyll-be-kicked-out-chris-wallace-clashes-with-trump-adviser-over-mask-wearing-at-debate/news-story/12b8428321d8d5d8f9ad8db270205616 No Title Bravo to @CortesSteve for having the seemingly rare courage to stand up to FoxNew’s new golden boy, #ChrisWallace and calling him out for what he is: A far Left political activist!👏Wish other people would…

FNC’s Wallace: Kamala Harris Proved She Could Be a ‘Heartbeat Away from the Presidency’

Following Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate, Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace suggested Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, was the winner given she, in his view, proved she could be a “heartbeat away from the presidency.” Wallace argued that if Joe Biden and Harris came in the night leading, they left the night with the…

Chris Wallace keeps digging his BIG hole. Blames Trump for everything

Helga I. Fellay October 5, 2020 It looks like Chris Wallace was simply pulling a Hillary Clinton – no part of the disaster he created with this so-called debate is his fault, and instead of blaming it all on the Russians, he blames it all on Trump. Same difference. As Hillary probably didn’t convince anyone…

Wallace blames Trump for debate failure. Commission plans on censoring Trump next debate

*****News Topic 59***** ‘I never dreamt it would go off the tracks the way it did’: Chris Wallace says the debate was ‘a terrible missed opportunity’ as he reveals Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch greeted him afterwards with champagne. Chris Wallace says the debate was ‘a terrible missed opportunity’ President Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted rival…

The real Debate, Part II – Trump stops race sensitivity training [Video]

We covered this when it happened, and it was surprising that the news piece did not take off. It should have. However, as our main distribution path makes use of social networks, it is likely that the piece was shadow banned. You can find our analysis here, and you will find it is somewhat more…

The Debate no one wanted you to see, Part I – on Race [Video]

Most of us are aware of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I watched the first half of the debate while formulating an evaluation of my own about how it went. You can read that here. However, in continuing to watch the second half of the debate, if I were trying…

Gaetz: When It Comes to Hunter Biden — Chris Wallace Was ‘Disgraceful’ as Debate...

It did not go unnoticed that during Tuesday’s presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace gave openings for former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, to avoid responding to difficult questions, including those about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Among those was Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM…

Donald Trump: Chris Wallace Protecting Joe Biden for Fox News

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called out Fox News host Chris Wallace for trying to protect former Vice President Joe Biden at the first presidential debate on Tuesday night. “Can you believe this guy? I was debating two people last night,” Donald Trump said, speaking to a raucous crowd at a campaign rally in Duluth,…

Fact Check: CNN Falsely Claims Trump ‘Refuses to Call Out White Supremacists’

CLAIM: CNN claimed that President Donald Trump refused to call out white supremacists in the first presidential debate. VERDICT: FALSE. He did so explicitly, and has done so before. CNN ran a headline Tuesday evening specifically claiming: “Trump refuses to call out white supremacists.” The headline on https://t.co/Fpw0OxWJ2S pic.twitter.com/bov2hueSva — Jon Passantino (@passantino) September 30,…

Hollywood Stars Rip Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: ‘F**k You’ ‘Worst I’ve Ever Seen’

Hollywood stars ripped Fox News’ Chris Wallace for his role as the moderator of the first presidential debate on Tuesday, saying that the news anchor was too timid and lost control of the proceedings as President Donald Trump took control of the stage through sheer force of will. Chris Wallace — who repeated that false…
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