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GOP Senator Presses FBI Director Over Handling Of Alleged Hunter Biden Laptop

The chairman of a Senate committee pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray for details of the bureau’s handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Sen. Ron Johnson asked Wray whether the FBI has investigated both the contents of Biden’s laptop and the claims made by a Delaware computer shop owner who claims he turned the device over to…

FBI Chief: Chinese, Russian Hackers Pose ‘Very, Very Real Threat’ to Vaccine Research

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a House panel Thursday that foreign hackers, particularly from China and Russia, are trying to steal U.S. coronavirus vaccine research and testing technology and engaging in efforts to disrupt the government’s response to the ongoing pandemic. During a hearing on threats to America held by the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Xochitl…

Ex-FBI Counterintelligence Chief Facing Scrutiny Over Steele Dossier Briefing

August 16, 2020 7:44 PM ET Sen. Lindsey Graham revealed on Friday that now-retired FBI counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap provided a key briefing to the Senate Intelligence Committee in February 2018 regarding the primary source for the Steele dossier.  Graham has accused the FBI of lying to the Senate panel during the briefing by downplaying…

Democrats Who Pushed Kremlin-Influenced Dossier Want FBI Briefing On 2020 Foreign Disinformation Efforts

Congressional Democrats have requested an FBI briefing for all members of Congress regarding foreign efforts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election by spreading disinformation in order to influence lawmakers, according to a letter released Monday. “We are gravely concerned, in particular, that Congress appears to be the target of a concerted foreign interference campaign,…

DHS Report: City of Portland ‘Under Siege for 47 Straight Days’ by Anarchists, ‘Violent...

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf condemned the violence of mobs in Portland, Oregon that are destroying property and posing a threat to public safety in a report on the city’s condition posted on the agency’s website on Thursday. The wave of violence started as protests against the death of George…

DOJ, FBI Officials: Director Christopher Wray Did Not Withhold Brady Material In Mike Flynn...

April 24, 2020 7:53 PM ET FBI Director Christopher Wray did not move to withhold exculpatory evidence in the case of Gen. Mike Flynn, FBI and Justice Department officials now say. “The assertion that Director Wray pushed to withhold exculpatory evidence in the Michael Flynn case is 100% false,” DOJ Director of Communications Kerri Kupec…

Sens. Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson Aren’t Done Investigating Russian Disinformation In Steele Dossier

April 16, 2020 8:08 PM ET The Republican chairmen of two Senate committees are questioning how much of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe was “infected” by Russian disinformation, citing newly declassified information regarding the Steele dossier. “Because these facts show the intention, means, and ability to plant Russian disinformation in Steele’s reporting, they suggest that…

Eric Swalwell Suggests Russian Support For Bernie Sanders May Implicate Trump As ‘An Agent...

February 22, 2020 12:31 PM ET Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell said Friday that reported Russian support of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders raises the question of whether President Donald Trump is “an agent of Russia.” “You can’t hold it against Bernie Sanders that this may be a preference of Russia, but you can hold…

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