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Sunday, August 9, 2020

College Removes Word “Freedom” From ID Cards After Student Petition Citing ‘Slavery’

Authored by Maria Copeland via CampusReform.org, While colleges across the country are removing statues and nixing traditions in the name of “inclusivity,” one university is removing the word “freedom” from its student identification cards because it is “has made minority students” feel “dehumanized.” Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania will change its student, faculty, and staff…

Canadian College Exec Apologizes, Resigns After ‘Liking’ Conservative Tweets

The Chair of the University of British Columbia Board of Governors has resigned after a college activist group was triggered by several tweets he "liked." Michael Korenberg was targeted for cancellation by pro-antifa campus activist group, UBC Students Against Bigotry, after he liked tweets from Ann Coulter, Charlie Kirk and Dinesh D'Souza - as well…

University Of Miami Professor Reportedly Resigns After Accidentally Sharing ‘Busty College Girl’ Porn Tab...

April 29, 2020 8:27 PM ET A University of Miami professor resigned after revealing a porn bookmark on his internet browser while teaching a Zoom class, NBC News reported. The Miami Hurricane, the student newspaper, broke the news about the gaffe Tuesday. A statement by the university said that the “University of Miami aggressively investigates…

Female Athletes Say Competing Against Biological Males Is Unfair: ‘That’s Not Bigotry, That’s Science’

Women are leading the charge to put laws in place to protect female athletes from competing against biological male “transgender” competitors and their passion for the issue was on display at an online event, “Connecticut Athletics: Girls Speak,” on Thursday. These women represent an unlikely alliance between a self-described “radical feminist organization,” a conservative family, faith…

NCAA Basketball Game Is First In U.S. To Ban Fans Due To Coronavirus Fears

March 06, 2020 4:27 PM ET The first sports event to not host fans due to fears of coronavirus in the United States is a NCAA men’s basketball game at John Hopkins University, with Worcester Polytechnic Institute against Yeshiva University Friday afternoon. “This is definitely the first time we’ve had that situation where there’s no…

Binge Drinking Drops Among College Students in States That Legalized Marijuana

Marijuana use among college students has been trending upward for years, but in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, use has jumped even higher.An Oregon State University study published today in Addiction shows that in states where marijuana was legalized by 2018, both occasional and frequent use among college students has continued to rise beyond…

UCSB Unveils New ‘Social Justice’ & ‘Inequality’ Focused History Minor

Universities rolling out broad range of social justice degrees The University of California, Santa Barbara history department has introduced a new minor in “Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice,” with the stated goal of providing students with “the tools to understand the structural and political roots, dynamics and consequences of poverty and intersectional inequality; conduct original…

DOJ Slams Campuses Behaving as ‘Mini Police States’

Colleges crushing free speech A Mississippi community college is defending itself against allegations from the DOJ and the Education Dept. that it positions itself as a “police state” and threatens the free speech rights of its students.In September, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education filed a lawsuit against Jones College after the school threatened…

Bernie Sanders Reaches Highest Support Among College Students

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reached his highest support among college students, a Chegg/College Pulse poll released Thursday indicated. Sanders, who has remained widely popular among college students, came away as the fan-favorite in the latest Chegg/College Pulse survey. The poll, which surveys over 1,500 college students weekly, asked students, “Regardless of who you may support in the upcoming…

Student Loan Bubble Hits New Record

Expert blames government programs Have you heard? The Democrats are going to fix the student loan mess! They’ve brought up the issue in almost every  Democratic Party presidential debate. All we need is a good government program and we can easily solve this $1.64 trillion problem.Never mind that government programs caused the problem in the…

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