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REPORT: Black Student Was Responsible For Racist ‘KKK’ Graffiti Found On College Campus

A black student reportedly is responsible for racist, white-supremacist graffiti found at a Michigan college in early April, M Live reported Thursday. Police in Albion questioned a 21-year-old black male student at Albion College about the graffiti, which included racist epithets and references to the Klu Klux Klan, M Live reported. The student reportedly admitted…

College Director: “Every White Person In This Country Is Racist”

Authored by Jezzamine Wolk via Campus Reform, Pacific University staff psychologist Dr. Shirley Ley is hosting a weekly webinar series called "Rising from the Margins." Ley said the platform is “dedicated to those who have been perceived as inferior or less worthy” due to their background. In Episode 10 "The Intersection of Race, Class, and Disability," Ley…

Michigan College Unleashes “Mandatory” App To Track Students At All Times

Colleges that are reopening campuses this fall understand outbreaks of COVID-19 are certainly possible on school grounds and in the surrounding communities. To safeguard students against the virus, Albion College, located in Albion, Michigan, is requesting all students to download a smartphone app that tracks their location to create a "COVID-bubble."  According to The Washington Free Beacon, Albion…

‘Loser Has To Fund The Post Office’: Ocasio-Cortez Challenges Trump To A Battle Of...

August 14, 2020 10:42 PM ET Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenged President Donald Trump to a battle of the college transcripts Thursday. Declaring that the loser would have to “fund the Post Office,” Ocasio-Cortez called on Trump to release his college transcripts and promised to release hers as well. (RELATED: Here’s How Everyone…

College Students Busted Throwing “COVID-19 Parties” To Infect All Their Friends

Many older millennials might remember the furor over "Rainbow Parties" back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. We're not going to get into all the details of this peculiar-sounding "youth culture trend" - the only thing that's really relevant to our discussion is that these lurid stories horrified parents and - as it turns out -…

Where New College Grads Want To Work During The COVID-19 Crisis

Authored by Amanda Stansell of Glassdoor Key Findings During the COVID-19 crisis, new grad-related job openings have dropped 68 percent from this time last year, but new grads are still aspiring to work in tech. Seven of the top 10 employers attracting the most new grad applications are tech companies. Amazon and Microsoft attracted the…

College Removes Word “Freedom” From ID Cards After Student Petition Citing ‘Slavery’

Authored by Maria Copeland via CampusReform.org, While colleges across the country are removing statues and nixing traditions in the name of “inclusivity,” one university is removing the word “freedom” from its student identification cards because it is “has made minority students” feel “dehumanized.” Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania will change its student, faculty, and staff…

Canadian College Exec Apologizes, Resigns After ‘Liking’ Conservative Tweets

The Chair of the University of British Columbia Board of Governors has resigned after a college activist group was triggered by several tweets he "liked." Michael Korenberg was targeted for cancellation by pro-antifa campus activist group, UBC Students Against Bigotry, after he liked tweets from Ann Coulter, Charlie Kirk and Dinesh D'Souza - as well…

University Of Miami Professor Reportedly Resigns After Accidentally Sharing ‘Busty College Girl’ Porn Tab...

April 29, 2020 8:27 PM ET A University of Miami professor resigned after revealing a porn bookmark on his internet browser while teaching a Zoom class, NBC News reported. The Miami Hurricane, the student newspaper, broke the news about the gaffe Tuesday. A statement by the university said that the “University of Miami aggressively investigates…

Female Athletes Say Competing Against Biological Males Is Unfair: ‘That’s Not Bigotry, That’s Science’

Women are leading the charge to put laws in place to protect female athletes from competing against biological male “transgender” competitors and their passion for the issue was on display at an online event, “Connecticut Athletics: Girls Speak,” on Thursday. These women represent an unlikely alliance between a self-described “radical feminist organization,” a conservative family, faith…

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