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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Watch: “The Coming War On China”

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone, “The aim of this film is to break a silence: the United States and China may well be on the road to war, and nuclear war is no longer unthinkable,” Pilger says in his 2016 documentary The Coming War on China, which you can watch free on Youtube here or on Vimeo here. “In a…

The Millennials Are Coming For The Boomers’ Money: One Bank Sees Generational Conflict Breaking...

Late last week, we published the executive summary from Jim Ried's latest must read long-term asset return study titled "Age of Disorder" in which the author makes the case that Economic cycles come and go, "but sitting above them are the wider structural super-cycles that shape everything from economies to asset prices, politics, and our…

The Coming Coup

Authored by Michael Anton via The American Mind, Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes... As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and…

Is US Oil Dominance Coming To An End?

Authored by Arthur Berman via OilPrice.com, U.S.’ energy dominance agenda is dead as the country’s shale industry is looking at a steep production decline. The U.S. tight oil or shale rig count has fallen 69% this year from 539 in mid-March to 165 last week. U.S. oil import dependence is set to grow in the…

“It Will All End Badly” – The Coming Economic End-Game

Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog, The wonderful thing about numbers is that when they are not jockeyed, jerked around, and falsified they tend to tell the truth. Continuing on this thought looking down the road the numbers do not work. This is where the late, Allen Meltzer, recognized for his wisdom and…

The IRS Is Blindly Coming After Cryptocurrency Traders – Here’s Why

Authored by David Kemmerer via CoinTelegraph.com, Over the past month, we have seen the IRS, the tax collecting agency of the United States, send out more than 10,000 warning and action letters to suspected cryptocurrency holders and traders who may have misreported digital assets on their tax returns. Letters like the 6174-A, 6173 and CP2000 have…

Fed Minutes Hint At Coming QE

Ignore all the hoopla about the "mid-cycle adjustment" being the dominant theme in the  July 30-31 FOMC minutes, and focus on what matters: the coming QE. In the minutes, which had no less than six mentions of "asset purchases", i. e QE, the Fed made it clear that with the S&P not even 5% below…

Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation?

Via Global Macro Monitor, Not so much for Walmart shareholders after the company beat estimates late in the week helping the stock (WMT) to close on Friday 7.7 percent off its low for the week.  MarketWatch notes the big-box retailer was helped by automation. Walmart talked about the significance of automation in an April post on its…
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