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Saturday, December 4, 2021

HOOBER: Do You Really Have To Carry Every Day?

By Sam HooberThere are two versions of any axiom. There’s the one that gets told to newbies and casuals and then a version that fills in the nuance for those with experience and a bit of learning under their belt. Here’s one for concealed carry. “You should carry whenever you can. If you’re selective about…

HOOBER: The Riddle Of Steel Is Why Did The Sucker Cross The Road To...

By Sam HooberA lot of people spend a lot of money on EDC knives that are ostensibly for “self-defense” but ultimately will never amount to being more than a hugely overpriced boxcutter. Sure, Benchmade makes amazing stuff, but a carpet knife that costs $15 will make short work of Amazon boxes just as well. Arguably…

HOOBER: Wins Behind The Blue State Lines

By Sam HooberOccasionally, it’s good to show off a win. While much of this column has been used to show what not to do, what people do wrong, etc., sometimes it’s good to highlight when something goes right. And sometimes things go right in states that are known for being downright hostile to lawful citizens…

HOOBER: “But The Israelis Do It” And Other Failures Of Critical Thinking

By Sam Hoober Critical thinking is one of the most underrated skills that a person can develop, whether it has to do with concealed carry/self defense or hell, life itself. If you do something, you want to think about why you do it. If you don’t have a good reason for it, then you shouldn’t…

HOOBER: To Be Or Not To Be A Good Samaritan, That Is The Question

By Sam Hoober To intervene or not to intervene, that is the question. There’s no right answer; the idea here is not to persuade anyone to one side or another. The idea instead is to think about what you think about being a “Good Samaritan.” If something is happening around me, will I get involved…

HOOBER: Compact Pistols And The Distance Dilemma – Sometimes The Gun Matters A Little

By Sam Hoober When you pick a gun or other gear, you want to select tools that will help you accomplish the tasks you might have to do with it. Therefore, consider those tasks carefully and therefore the tool you choose. Guns are tools, so make sure you pick one that’s capable of what you…

Hoober: An Ever So Slight Reappraisal Of The “Truck Gun” Concept

By Sam Hoober Before we go any further, the “truck gun” is by and large a bad concept. It’s usefulness is too narrow, too constrained, far too specific to really be a worthy investment. A concealed carry pistol, kept on one’s person, is almost always a better idea. The gun you have on you is…

Hoober: Besides A Gun This Is The Most Important Thing You Need For Open...

By Sam Hoober By now, there’s enough evidence to confirm that openly carrying a gun can make you a target for a gun grab. Therefore, if you want to open carry, it’s up to you to manage that risk. How that’s done is with an active retention holster. While alarmists in comments sections and social…

Hoober: The Instances In Which It Might Be The Gun

By Sam Hoober Most of the time, meaning almost all of the time, poor marksmanship is the fault of the shooter not the gun. They made a mistake or just haven’t put in enough practice to get good yet. Thousands, if not millions, of innocent guns get blamed every year for the misdeeds of the…

Exclusive–Kobach: The Kansas Legislature Votes to Reduce the Age for Concealed Carry

On Thursday—the very same day that President Biden announced his executive actions to restrict certain firearms—the Kansas legislature took a bold step in the opposite direction.  The Kansas legislature passed a pro-gun rights bill that expands the right to keep and bear arms in multiple ways.  In the morning, the Senate passed HB 2058 by…
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